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World Catalog of Symphyta (Hymenoptera)
The first complete World Catalog of sawflies (Hymenoptera, suborder Symphyta) for over 100 years is presented and contains references to the original descriptions and provides brief distributional data for 803 genera, 8353 species and 161 subspecies in addition to the nominal subspecies. Expand
When Hymenopteran Males Reinvented Diploidy
It is shown that a nuclear DNA content similar to that of females is restored in muscles of males in all hymenopteran lineages tested except the most basal one (Xyelidae), indicating that this adaptation probably occurred early in hymenpteran history, possibly because males acquired strong flying and dispersal abilities. Expand
Invertebrate and avian predators as drivers of chemical defensive strategies in tenthredinid sawflies
It is concluded that the evolution of chemically-based defenses in tenthredinids may have been driven by invertebrate as much as by avian predation, and further studies on (prey) insect groups should include visual signals and other traits, to better interpret their relative significance and to refine the understanding of insect chemical defenses. Expand
The genera of Nematinae (Hymenoptera, Tenthredinidae)
This work expands previous DNA sequence datasets on Nematinae based on DNA sequences to show extensive incongruencies with current nomenclature of genus-group taxa. Expand
Aproceros leucopoda (Hymenoptera: Argidae): An East Asian pest of elms (Ulmus spp.) invading Europe
The evolution of a seasonal dimorphism in head morphology, a simple cocoon that is attached directly to the host plant and a short period spent in the cocoon stage during summer, are putative apomorphies shared by Aproceros leucopoda Takeuchi, 1939 and Aprosthema Konow, 1899. Expand
Identification of sawflies and horntails (Hymenoptera, ‘Symphyta’) through DNA barcodes: successes and caveats
The utility of barcoding for species identification and taxonomy of ‘Symphyta’ is discussed on the basis of examples from each of the included families, and a significant level of cryptic species diversity was apparent in many groups. Expand
[Stabilization of the scaphoid according to Brunelli as modified by Garcia-Elias, Lluch, and Stanley for the treatment of chronic scapholunate dissociation].
Clinical results were good, and the final radiologic examination demonstrated a tendency toward loss of correction compared to the postoperative X-rays, contrary to the good clinical results. Expand
Checklist of the Sawflies (Hymenoptera: Symphyta) of India
The first checklist for the sawfly species of India found 7 47 valid species and ca. Expand
Checklist of sawflies (Hymenoptera: Symphyta) from Iran
Corresponding author: Mohammad Khayrandish, E-mail: m.khayrandish@uk.ac.ir Copyright © 2017, Khayrandish et al. This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative CommonsExpand
Revision of the sawfly genera Asiarge Gussakovskij, 1935 and Kokujewia Konow, 1902 (Hymenoptera: Argidae).
Die Gattungen Asiarge Gussakovskij, 1935 and Kokujewia Konow, 1902 wurden revidiert, die Arten aufgeschlusselt, und die zoogeographischen und okologischen Daten zusammengefast, werden Lectotypen festgelegt. Expand