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Asymmetrical D-channel photonic crystal fiber-based plasmonic sensor using the wavelength interrogation and lower birefringence peak method
Abstract In this paper, an asymmetric photonic crystal fiber (PCF) working on surface plasmon resonance (SPR) has been proposed and demonstrated using the wavelength interrogation method and lower
Performance analysis of bifacial PV module for the integration in static Sea Shell concentrator
This paper depicts the electrical performance of the bifacial PV module at multiple sun conditions. The integration of the bifacial module into a new static Sea Shell concentrator have been
A Modified Design of a Hexagonal Circular Photonic Crystal Fiber with Large Negative Dispersion Properties and Ultrahigh Birefringence for Optical Broadband Communication
In this paper, we propose a modified design of a hexagonal circular photonic crystal fiber (HC-PCF) which obtains a large negative dispersion and ultrahigh birefringence simultaneously. The optical
Milled Microchannel-Assisted Open D-Channel Photonic Crystal Fiber Plasmonic Biosensor
A surface plasmon resonance (SPR) based photonic crystal fiber (PCF) sensor having a milled microchannel, and an open D-channel has been proposed in this paper, and is well suited for practical biochemical detection purposes.
An Algorithm For Training Multilayer Perceptron MLP For Image Reconstruction Using Neural Network Without Overfitting.
The Levenberg-Marquardt back-propagation algorithm is used for training the network and reconstructs the image and it is found that Marquardt algorithm is significantly more proficient.
Effect of doping profile on sheet resistance and contact resistance of monocrystalline silicon solar cells
This paper presents the preparation and characterization of phosphorous-doped silicon solar cells based on screen-printed technique with systematically changing the phosphorous doping concentration.
Design of an Ultrahigh Birefringence Photonic Crystal Fiber with Large Nonlinearity Using All Circular Air Holes for a Fiber-Optic Transmission System
This paper proposes a hexagonal photonic crystal fiber (H-PCF) structure with all circular air holes in order to simultaneously achieve ultrahigh birefringence and high nonlinearity. The H-PCF design
Ultra-High Negative Dispersion Based Single Mode Highly Nonlinear Bored Core Photonic Crystal Fiber (HNL-BCPCF): Design and Numerical Analysis
In this paper, two different models of highly nonlinear bored core photonic crystal fibers (HNL-BCPCF) are presented and compared for attaining an ultra-high negative dispersion coefficient and high
Impact of Kerr nonlinearity and stimulated Raman scattering on the whispering gallery modes of an optical microsphere
We investigated the impact of Kerr nonlinearity and stimulated Raman scattering on the whispering gallery modes of an optical microsphere. When two resonant modes are nonlinearly interacting due to