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Introduction to the Physics of Massive and Mixed Neutrinos
Weak Interaction Before the Standard Model.- The Standard Model of the Electroweak Interaction.- Neutrino Mass Terms.- Neutrino Mixing Matrix.- Neutrino Oscillations in Vacuum.- Neutrino in Matter.-Expand
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Massive neutrinos and neutrino oscillations
The theory of neutrino mixing and neutrino oscillations, as well as the properties of massive neutrinos (Dirac and Majorana), are reviewed. More specifically, the following topics are discussed inExpand
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Phenomenology of neutrino oscillations
Abstract This review is focused on neutrino mixing and neutrino oscillations in the light of the recent experimental developments. After discussing possible types of neutrino mixing for Dirac andExpand
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Z line shape
During the past few years much progress has been made in the evaluation of various effects which contribute to the line shape of the Z. Some time ago the first order in α corrections [1,2] to the ZExpand
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On the oscillations of neutrinos with Dirac and Majorana masses
Abstract Pontecorvo neutrino oscillations are discussed in the case of Dirac as well as Majorana neutrino mass terms. We prove that none of the possible experiments on neutrino oscillations includingExpand
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Neutrinoless Double-Beta Decay: a Probe of Physics Beyond the Standard Model
In the Standard Model the total lepton number is conserved. Thus, neutrinoless double-beta decay, in which the total lepton number is violated by two units, is a probe of physics beyond the StandardExpand
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Strangeness in the nucleon: neutrino–nucleon and polarized electron–nucleon scattering
Abstract After the EMC and subsequent experiments at CERN, SLAC and DESY on the deep inelastic scattering of polarized leptons on polarized nucleons, it is now established that the Q 2 =0 value ofExpand
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Neutrinoless Double Beta-Decay
The problem of the nature of massive neutrinos ν i (Dirac or Majorana?) is one of the most fundamental problem of neutrino physics. The solution of this problem will have an important impact on theExpand
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Neutrino oscillations: From a historical perspective to the present status
The history of neutrino mixing and oscillations is briefly presented. Basics of neutrino mixing and oscillations and convenient formalism of neutrino oscillations in vacuum are given. The role ofExpand
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Majorana neutrinos, neutrino mass spectrum, CP violation and neutrinoless double beta decay. 1. The Three neutrino mixing case
Assuming three-neutrino mixing and massive Majorana neutrinos, we study the implications of the neutrino oscillation solutions of the solar and atmospheric neutrino problems and of the results of theExpand
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