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Color constancy using CNNs
In this work we describe a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) to accurately predict the scene illumination. Taking image patches as input, the CNN works in the spatial domain without usingExpand
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How Far Can You Get By Combining Change Detection Algorithms?
Given the existence of many change detection algorithms, each with its own peculiarities and strengths, we propose a combination strategy, that we termed IUTIS (In Unity There Is Strength), based onExpand
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On the use of deep learning for blind image quality assessment
In this work, we investigate the use of deep learning for distortion-generic blind image quality assessment. We report on different design choices, ranging from the use of features extracted fromExpand
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Improving Color Constancy Using Indoor–Outdoor Image Classification
In this work, we investigate how illuminant estimation techniques can be improved, taking into account automatically extracted information about the content of the images. We consideredExpand
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Automatic color constancy algorithm selection and combination
In this work, we investigate how illuminant estimation techniques can be improved taking into account intrinsic, low level properties of the images. We show how these properties can be used to drive,Expand
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Combination of Video Change Detection Algorithms by Genetic Programming
Within the field of computer vision, change detection algorithms aim at automatically detecting significant changes occurring in a scene by analyzing the sequence of frames in a video stream. In thisExpand
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Single and Multiple Illuminant Estimation Using Convolutional Neural Networks
In this paper, we present a three-stage method for the estimation of the color of the illuminant in RAW images. The first stage uses a convolutional neural network that has been specially designed toExpand
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Benchmark Analysis of Representative Deep Neural Network Architectures
This paper presents an in-depth analysis of the majority of the deep neural networks (DNNs) proposed in the state of the art for image recognition. For each DNN, multiple performance indices areExpand
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Adaptive Color Constancy Using Faces
  • S. Bianco, R. Schettini
  • Medicine, Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine…
  • 1 August 2014
In this work we design an adaptive color constancy algorithm that, exploiting the skin regions found in faces, is able to estimate and correct the scene illumination. The algorithm automaticallyExpand
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Rehabilitating the Color Checker Dataset for Illuminant Estimation
In a previous work, it was shown that there is a curious problem with the benchmark ColorChecker dataset for illuminant estimation. To wit, this dataset has at least 3 different sets ofExpand
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