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Terpenoids—xli: Structure and absolute configuration of α-agarofuran, ⨿-agarofuran and dihydroagarofuran
Three new sesquiterpenic furanoids of the selinane group have been isolated from agarwood oil, obtained from the fungus infected plant Aquillaria agallocha Roxb. and their structures and absoluteExpand
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Terpenoids—LXII : The constitution of agarospirol, a sesquiterpenoid with a new skeleton☆
Degradative studies and physical measurements supported by an unambiguous synthesis of the derived ketone (XVa) have led to the assignment of a novel spiro-skeleton to agarospirol (Ia), aExpand
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The odour of lotus (Nelumbonaceae) flower.
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Genuineness characters of the Calabrian bergamot essential oil.
The composition of 432 samples of bergamot essential oil, absolutely genuine and produced in Calabria using a ‘pelatrice’ (peel machine) during the 1986/87 and 1987/88 seasons, has been studied byExpand
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Macrocyclic musk compounds—XI : Synthesis of optically active muscone
Abstract A simple synthesis of (−)-muscone has been developed by using citronellal and oleyl alcohol as the starting materials.
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Terpenoids : LXXXV. Evaluation of polyesters as stationary phases in GLC columns
Polyesters from diferent 1,ω-glycols, ranging from ethylene glycol to 1,15-pentadecanediol, with adipic acid were prepared and evaluated as substrates for gas-liquid chromatography. Several terpenicExpand
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Terpenoids—CIV : Costol fraction of costus root oil
Abstract The ‘costol’ fraction of costus root oil is an intimate mixture of several alcohols. The presence of “true” costol (I) has been proved by conversion to crystalline costic acid (IB), theExpand
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