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Proximate Kitaev quantum spin liquid behaviour in a honeycomb magnet.
The excitation spectrum of α-RuCl3 is proposed as a prime candidate for fractionalized Kitaev physics, and dynamical response measurements above interlayer energy scales are naturally accounted for in terms of deconfinement physics expected for QSLs.
Possible ferro-spin nematic order in NiGa2S4
We explore the possibility that the spin-1 triangular lattice magnet NiGa2S4 may have a ferronematic ground state with no frozen magnetic moment but a uniform quadrupole moment. Such a state may be
Temperature Dependence of the Butterfly Effect in a Classical Many-Body System.
The full temperature dependence of two complementary aspects of the butterfly effect are determined: the Lyapunov exponent, μ, and the butterfly speed, v_{b}, and it is found that they all exhibit power-law behavior at low temperature, consistent with scaling of the form D∼v_{b}^{2}/μ and τ^{-1}∼T.
Quantum phase transition in Heisenberg-Kitaev model
We explore the nature of the quantum phase transition between a magnetically ordered state with collinear spin pattern and a gapless $Z_2$ spin liquid in the Heisenberg-Kitaev model. We construct a
Interplay of Magnetism and Topological Superconductivity in Bilayer Kagome Metals.
This work uses a multistage minimal modeling of the magnetic bands progressively closer to the Fermi energy and shows that dimensional confinement naturally exposes the flatness of band structure associated with the bilayer kagome geometry in a resultant ferromagnetic Chern metal.
Bosonic integer quantum Hall effect in an interacting lattice model.
We study a bosonic model with correlated hopping on a honeycomb lattice, and show that its ground state is a bosonic integer quantum Hall (BIQH) phase, a prominent example of a symmetry-protected
Tuning of dielectric properties and magnetism of SrTiO(3) by site-specific doping of Mn
Combining experiments with first-principles calculations, we show that site-specific doping of Mn into SrTiO(3) has a decisive influence on the dielectric properties of these doped systems. We find
Dynamics of a quantum spin liquid beyond integrability: The Kitaev-Heisenberg-Γ model in an augmented parton mean-field theory
We present an augmented parton mean-field theory which (i) reproduces the $exact$ ground state, spectrum, and dynamics of the quantum spin liquid phase of Kitaev's honeycomb model; and (ii) is
Z 2 topological liquid of hard-core bosons on a kagome lattice at 1 / 3 filling
We consider hard-core bosons on the kagome lattice in the presence of short-range repulsive interactions and focus particularly on the filling factor $1/3$. In the strongly interacting limit, the
Tunneling conductance of graphene NIS junctions.
We show that, in contrast with conventional normal metal-insulator-superconductor (NIS) junctions, the tunneling conductance of a NIS junction in graphene is an oscillatory function of the effective