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Multi-objective optimisation of metabolic productivity and thermodynamic performance
Multi-objective optimisation of cellular metabolic productivity and thermodynamic performance deduces a unique set of enzyme catalysed pathways and flux distributions for a given metabolic product of importance. Expand
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Preferential crystallization: Multi‐objective optimization framework
A four objective optimization framework for preferential crystallization of D-L threonine solution is presented. The objectives are maximization of average crystal size and productivity, andExpand
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Sharp 660-km discontinuity controlled by extremely narrow binary post-spinel transition
The Earth’s mantle is characterized by a sharp seismic discontinuity at a depth of 660 km that can provide insights into deep mantle processes. The discontinuity occurs over only 2 km—or a pressureExpand
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Multiscale characterization framework for sorption enhanced reaction processes
A multiscale simulation and characterization framework has been developed for sorption enhanced reaction processes with heterogeneous multifunctional catalysts with sorption properties. ParticlesExpand
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Bulk free radical polymerizations of methyl methacrylateunder non-isothermal conditions and with intermediate additionof initiator: Experiments and modeling
Experimental data on the monomer conversion, x m , and the weight average molecular weight, M w , have been generated under several isothermal and non-isothermal conditions for the polymerization ofExpand
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Steady-State Identification, Gross Error Detection, and Data Reconciliation for Industrial Process Units
Processing of online data for use with steady-state models requires identification of the existence of a steady state in a process, detection of the presence of gross errors, if any, and dataExpand
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Process intensification aspects for steam methane reforming: An overview
Steam methane reforming (SMR) is the most widely used process in industry for the production of hydrogen, which is considered as the future generation energy carrier. Having been perceived as anExpand
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Complete agreement of the post-spinel transition with the 660-km seismic discontinuity
The 660-km seismic discontinuity, which is a significant structure in the Earth’s mantle, is generally interpreted as the post-spinel transition, as indicated by the decomposition of ringwoodite toExpand
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On-Line Optimizing Control of Bulk Free Radical Polymerization Reactors under Temporary Loss of Temperature Regulation: Experimental Study on a 1-L Batch Reactor
On-line optimizing control of bulk free radical polymerization of methyl methacrylate is carried out in a 1-L virtually instrumented stainless steel batch reactor. The polymerization is carried outExpand
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High-Pressure Synthesis of Novel Boron Oxynitride B6N4O3 with Sphalerite Type Structure
A novel crystalline boron oxynitride (BON) phase has been synthesized under static pressures exceeding 15 GPa and temperatures above 1900 °C, from molar mixtures of B2O3 and h-BN. The structure andExpand
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