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On-line infrared spectroscopy for bioprocess monitoring
One of the major aims of bioprocess engineering is the real-time monitoring of important process variables. This is the basis of precise process control and is essential for high productivity as wellExpand
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In situ sensor techniques in modern bioprocess monitoring
New reactor concepts as multi-parallel screening systems or disposable bioreactor systems for decentralized and reproducible production increase the need for new and easy applicable sensorExpand
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Controlled enzymatic removal of damaging casein layers on medieval wall paintings.
A new, gentle enzymatic method was developed for a controlled removal of casein layers from medieval wall paintings. These casein layers were applied over the last 60 years on wall paintings in orderExpand
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Cytokine production using membrane adsorbers: Human basic fibroblast growth factor produced by Escherichia coli
Basic fibroblast growth factor (FGF‐2) is a multifunctional cytokine that regulates various cellular processes both in vitro and in vivo. FGF‐2 is extensively used in embryonic stem cell culturesExpand
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Large-scale production and homogenous purification of long chain polysialic acids from E. coli K1.
The study of new biomaterials is the objective of many current research projects in biotechnological medicine. A promising scaffold material for the application in tissue engineering or otherExpand
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Monitoring of microalgal cultivations with on-line, flow-through microscopy
Abstract Microalgal cultivations present challenges for monitoring and process control posed by their large scale and the likelihood that they will be composed of multiple species. Cell concentrationExpand
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Optimization of PEG–salt aqueous two-phase systems by design of experiments
Abstract Since the mechanism governing the partitioning behavior of biomolecules, such as proteins and enzymes, in polyethylene glycol (PEG)–salt aqueous two-phase systems (ATPS) is complex and notExpand
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Noninvasive online biomass detector system for cultivation in shake flasks
A novel online sensor system for noninvasive and continuous monitoring of cell growth in shake flasks is described. The measurement principle is based on turbidity measurement by detectingExpand
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Isolation of bovine lactoferrin, lactoperoxidase and enzymatically prepared lactoferricin from proteolytic digestion of bovine lactoferrin using adsorptive membrane chromatography.
A new downstream procedure for the isolation of bovine lactoferrin (bLf), lactoperoxidase and bovine lactoferricin (LfcinB) from sweet cheese whey was developed at the laboratory scale, based onExpand
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In-situ imaging sensors for bioprocess monitoring: state of the art
AbstractOver the last two decades, more and more applications of sophisticated sensor technology have been described in the literature on upstreaming and downstreaming for biotechnological processesExpand
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