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HBS1L-MYB intergenic variants modulate fetal hemoglobin via long-range MYB enhancers.
Genetic studies have identified common variants within the intergenic region (HBS1L-MYB) between GTP-binding elongation factor HBS1L and myeloblastosis oncogene MYB on chromosome 6q that areExpand
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Augmented Reality in Advertising and Brand Communication: An Experimental Study
Digital technologies offer many opportunities in the design and implementation of brand communication and advertising. Augmented reality (AR) is an innovative technology in marketing communicationExpand
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Effective Stepwise Anti-inflammatory Treatment for Markedly Disabling Neuropsychiatric Comorbidities: A Case Report
Background: This is the first case report of a stepped novel anti-inflammatory treatment plan for a complicated, markedly disabling neuropsychiatric condition with multiple comorbidities. TheExpand
[Arthroplasty for all joints of the upper extremities (author's transl)].
Neoantigens in MDS Are Associated with Two Novel CD4+ T Cell Subsets and Improved Overall Survival
Background The immune system has been shown to be important in the pathophysiology of MDS. Adaptive immunity relies on T cells ability to discriminate between self and non-self antigens in theExpand
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The New Earth Reader: The Best of Terra Nova
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[The omovertebral bone--new possibility of preoperative examination by computed axial tomography (author's transl)].
After a brief review of literature a case of congenital high scapula with omovertebral bone is presented by conventional X-ray films (plain X-ray and a. p. tomography). The additional computed axialExpand
Robo Copout: The Recuperation of the Subject