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The Mortar method in the wavelet context
This paper deals with the use of wavelets in the framework of the Mortar method. We first review in an abstract framework the theory of the mortar method for non conforming domain decomposition, andExpand
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A high order collocation method for the static and vibration analysis of composite plates using a first-order theory
A study of static deformations and free vibrations of shear flexible isotropic and laminated composite plates with a first-order shear deformation theory is presented. The analysis is based onExpand
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An adaptive collocation method based on interpolating wavelets
A wavelet collocation method for the adaptive solution of second order elliptic partial differential equations in dimension $d$ is presented. The method is based of the use of the Deslaurier-DubucExpand
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Wavelet stabilization of the Lagrange multiplier method
  • S. Bertoluzza
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • Numerische Mathematik
  • 1 July 2000
Summary. We propose here a stabilization strategy for the Lagrange multiplier formulation of Dirichlet problems. The stabilization is based on the use of equivalent scalar products for the spaces Expand
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Analysis of the fully discrete fat boundary method
The Fat Boundary Method is a method of the Fictitious Domain class, which was proposed to solve elliptic problems in complex geometries with non-conforming meshes. It has been designed to recoverExpand
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Buckling analysis of laminated plates by wavelets
This paper addresses, for the first time, the buckling analysis of isotropic and laminated plates that are subjected to partial inplane edge loads by a first-order shear deformation theory. TheExpand
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Wavelet Stabilization and Preconditioning for Domain Decomposition
The aim of this paper is to propose a stabilization technique in order to circumvent the two inf-sup conditions needed for stability of the discretization of the Three Fields Formulation for domainExpand
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Adaptive wavelet collocation for the solution of steady-state equations
  • S. Bertoluzza
  • Mathematics, Engineering
  • Defense, Security, and Sensing
  • 6 April 1995
In this paper we introduce an adaptive collocation scheme for the solution of time independent partial differential equations. Such a technique is based on the interpolating multiresolution analysis.Expand
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The Fat Boundary Method: Semi-Discrete Scheme and Some Numerical Experiments
The Fat Boundary Method (FBM) is a fictitious domain like method for solving partial differential equations in a domain with holes Ω ∖\(\bar B\) — where B is a collection of smooth open subsets —Expand
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