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Preservation of organic matter and alteration of its carbon and nitrogen isotope composition during simulated and in situ early sedimentary diagenesis
Abstract The carbon and nitrogen isotope composition of organic matter has been widely used to trace biogeochemical processes in marine and lacustrine environments. In order to reconstruct pastExpand
A Serpentinite-Hosted Ecosystem: The Lost City Hydrothermal Field
The serpentinite-hosted Lost City hydrothermal field is a remarkable submarine ecosystem in which geological, chemical, and biological processes are intimately interlinked. Reactions between seawaterExpand
Calibration of the δ18O paleothermometer for dolomite precipitated in microbial cultures and natural environments
Decades of various and numerous isotopic studies to interpret the environmental conditions of dolomite formation proved to be inconclusive because the temperature-dependent oxygen isotopeExpand
A revised isotope fractionation model for dissimilatory sulfate reduction in sulfate reducing bacteria
Abstract Sulfur isotope fractionation during dissimilatory sulfate reduction has been conceptually described by the widely accepted Rees model as related to the stepwise reduction of sulfate toExpand
A model for oxygen and sulfur isotope fractionation in sulfate during bacterial sulfate reduction processes
We present a model of bacterial sulfate reduction that includes equations describing the fractionation relationship between the sulfur and the oxygen isotope composition of residual sulfateExpand
Tethyan magnetostratigraphy from Pizzo Mondello (Sicily) and correlation to the Late Triassic Newark astrochronological polarity time scale
We present the magnetostratigraphy and stable isotope stratigraphy from an expanded (~430-m-thick) Upper Triassic marine limestone section at Pizzo Mondello, Sicily, and review publishedExpand
Seasonal variation of the δC and δN of particulate and dissolved carbon and nitrogen in Lake Lugano: Constraints on biogeochemical cycling in a eutrophic lake
We determined the d 13 C and d 15 N of water-column particulate organic matter (POM), dissolved inorganic carbon, and nitrate, together with water chemistry and phytoplankton biomass and speciesExpand
Modelling nitrogen and oxygen isotope fractionation during denitrification in a lacustrine redox-transition zone
The stable isotope composition ( 15 N and 18 O) of nitrate was measured during Summer 1999 in the anaerobic hypolimnion of eutrophic Lake Lugano (Switzerland). Denitrification was demonstrated by aExpand
Model evaluation for reconstructing the oxygen isotopic composition in precipitation from tree ring cellulose over the last century
The oxygen isotope composition of tree rings is controlled by many factors, including temperature, amount of precipitation, and changes in relative humidity. In this study we present a modifiedExpand
Microbial mediation as a possible mechanism for natural dolomite formation at low temperatures
DOLOMITE (CaMg(CO3)2) is a common carbonate mineral which is found in much greater abundance in ancient rocks than in modern carbonate environments. Why this is so remains a mystery. Over the past 30Expand