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Case Studies and Theory Development in the Social Sciences
Case Studies and Theory Development in the Social Sciences. By Alexander L. George and Andrew Bennett. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2005. 331p. $50.00 cloth, $20.00 paper. In recent years, there hasExpand
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Ideational Theorizing in the Social Sciences since “Policy Paradigms, Social Learning, and the State”
In the years since Peter Hall's seminal 1993 article “Policy Paradigms, Social Learning and the State” appeared, the ideational research agenda has expanded enormously, to the point where it nowExpand
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The Social Democratic Moment: Ideas and Politics in the Making of Interwar Europe
* Preface * Acknowledgments * Reexamining Interwar Social Democracy * Evaluating the Role of Ideas * Sweden's Political Development and the Programmatic Beliefs of the SAP * Germany's PoliticalExpand
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Civil Society and the Collapse of the Weimar Republic
Practically everywhere one looks these days the concept of "civil society" is in vogue. Neo-Tocquevillean scholars argue that civil society plays a role in driving political, social, and evenExpand
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The primacy of politics : social democracy and the making of Europe's twentieth century
1. Introduction 2. The background and foundations 3. Democratic revisionism comes of age 4. National socialism 5. From revisionism to social democracy 6. Fascism and national socialism 7. The SwedishExpand
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Islamism, Revolution, and Civil Society
Over recent decades, Islamism—the belief that Islam should guide social and political as well as personal life—has become a powerful force throughout much of the Muslim world. Through a discussion ofExpand
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Civil Society and Political Institutionalization
As a result of the dramatic events of recent years, social scientists have devoted increasing attention to explaining what causes democratization as well as what makes democracies vibrant andExpand
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From the Sun King to Karzai
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Taming Extremist Parties: Lessons From Europe
A rise in the power of Islamist parties has lent fresh interest to the old question of how revolutionary movements respond to participation in democracy. Pessimists argue that such movements will useExpand
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Exchange: The Vain Hope for "Correct" Timing
Edward Mansfield and Jack Snyder worry about democratization in countries that lack the "right" preconditions because they believe that political development is path dependent. I see fewer dangers inExpand
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