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DSL Engineering - Designing, Implementing and Using Domain-Specific Languages
Change your habit to hang or waste the time to only chat with your friends. It is done by your everyday, don't you feel bored? Now, we will show you the new habit that, actually it's a very old habitExpand
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COPE - Automating Coupled Evolution of Metamodels and Models
Model-based development promises to increase productivity by offering modeling languages tailored to a specific domain. Such modeling languages are typically defined by a metamodel. In response toExpand
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Dimensionen und Auswirkungen eines Freihandelsabkommens zwischen der EU und den USA
Das ifo Institut hat im Auftrag des Bundesministeriums fur Wirtschaft und Technologie die vorliegende Evaluierungsstudie zu den Dimensionen und Auswirkungen eines Freihandelsabkommen zwischen der EUExpand
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Automatability of Coupled Evolution of Metamodels and Models in Practice
Model-based software development promises to increase productivity by offering modeling languages tailored to a problem domain. Such modeling languages are often defined by a metamodel. InExpand
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Combining test case generation for component and integration testing
  • S. Benz
  • Computer Science
  • A-MOST '07
  • 9 July 2007
When integrating different system components, the interaction between different features is often error prone. Typically errors occur on interruption, concurrency or disabling/enabling betweenExpand
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Generating Tests for Feature Interaction
Modern vehicles integrate an increasing number of features. The interaction between these features is often error prone and requires extensive testing in order to ensure correctness and reliability.Expand
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Intra-EEA STRI Database: Methodology and Results
This paper presents new data on regulatory barriers affecting services trade within the European Economic Area (EEA), covering 25 EEA countries, 22 sectors and five years (2014-2018). Following theExpand
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Productivity Versus Employment: Quantifying the Economic Effects of an EU–Japan Free Trade Agreement
The European Union and Japan recently entered into negotiations over a bilateral free trade agreement intended to stimulate growth and create wealth. Since customs duties are already low, the successExpand
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Services trade policies and the global economy
This book synthesises recent work by the OECD analysing services trade policies and quantifying their impacts on imports and exports, the performance of manufacturing and services sectors, and how ...
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Catalysis with Pnictogen, Chalcogen, and Halogen Bonds
Abstract Halogen‐ and chalcogen‐based σ‐hole interactions have recently received increased interest in non‐covalent organocatalysis. However, the closely related pnictogen bonds have been neglected.Expand
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