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Subchronic 3-month oral toxicity study of grape seed and grape skin extracts.
Meganatural brand grape seed extract (GSE) and grape skin extract (GSKE), containing proanthocyanidin (PAC) polyphenolic compounds, are intended for use in food as functional ingredients exhibitingExpand
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Rethinking Politics in the World of ICTs
This article explores the relationship between ICTs and politics. The first part of the article briefly looks back over the literature reconstructing the framework within which this relationship hasExpand
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The Economic Impact of Digital Technologies
The Economic Impact of Digital Technologies offers a profoundly illuminating examination of ICT transformations in Europe and its critical role in greater social inequality. It presents scholars andExpand
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The Economic Impact of Digital Technologies: Measuring Inclusion and Diffusion in Europe
Contents: Preface Introduction 1. Digital Development in Europe: A Theoretical Framework 2. The Internet in Everyday Life 3. A Metrics for Digital Development 4. Digital Inequalities in Europe 5. TheExpand
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Live tweeting a political debate: The case of the ‘Italia bene comune’
The practice of live tweeting while following a television programme is quickly becoming a widespread phenomenon. However, in Italy, commenting on a political debate via social media is a novelty.Expand
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Beppe Grillo’s dramatic incursion into the Twittersphere: talking politics in 140 characters
The unexpected growth in support for Beppe Grillo at the municipal elections of May 2012 was immediately dubbed by the media as an ‘explosion’. Between the first round of voting – when the unforeseenExpand
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Journalists at a crossroads: Are traditional norms and practices challenged by Twitter?
This article aims to identify the hybridization that journalists have created to reconcile the pressures arising from the affirmation of the culture of participation and sharing of social media withExpand
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A colpi di tweet. La politica in prima persona
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