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Antioxidative activity and functional properties of protein hydrolysate of yellow stripe trevally (Selaroides leptolepis) as influenced by the degree of hydrolysis and enzyme type
Abstract Antioxidative activity and functional properties of protein hydrolysates from yellow stripe trevally (Selaroides leptolepis) meat, hydrolyzed by Alcalase 2.4L (HA) and Flavourzyme 500L (HF)Expand
Composition, color, and texture of Thai indigenous and broiler chicken muscles.
Chemical compositions and physical properties of mixed-sex Thai indigenous and broiler chicken biceps femoris and pectoralis muscles were determined and the CIE system values of lightness, redness, and yellowness of indigenous chicken muscles were higher than those of broiler muscles. Expand
Characterisation of acid-soluble collagen from skin and bone of bigeye snapper (Priacanthus tayenus)
The compositions and some properties of acid-soluble collagens (ASC) of the skin and bone of bigeye snapper, (Priacanthus tayenus) were investigated. The collagens were extracted with the yields ofExpand
Physicochemical changes in Pacific whiting muscle proteins during iced storage
No changes in actomyosin Ca 2+ -, Mg 2+ -, or Mg 2+ -Ca 2+ -ATPase activities were observed during iced storage of Pacific whiting fillets, but Mg 2+ -EGTA-ATPase increased with a loss of Ca 2+Expand
Compositions, functional properties and antioxidative activity of protein hydrolysates prepared from round scad (Decapterus maruadsi)
Composition, functional properties and antioxidative activity of a protein hydrolysate prepared from defatted round scad (Decapterus maruadsi) mince, using Flavourzyme, with a degree of hydrolysisExpand
Isolation and characterisation of acid and pepsin-solubilised collagens from the skin of Brownstripe red snapper (Lutjanus vitta)
Abstract Acid-solubilised collagen (ASC) and pepsin-solubilised collagen (PSC) were successfully extracted from the skin of Brownstripe red snapper ( Lutjanus vitta ) with yields of 9% and 4.7%,Expand
Comparative studies on chemical composition and thermal properties of black tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon) and white shrimp (Penaeus vannamei) meats
Muscle proteins from black tiger shrimp, especially MHC, had higher thermal stability than those from white shrimp as indicated by the higher transition temperature (T max ) as well as the lower inactivation rate constant (K D ). Expand
Characteristics of acid soluble collagen and pepsin soluble collagen from scale of spotted golden goatfish (Parupeneus heptacanthus).
Both collagens exhibited high solubility in acidic pH (2-4) and were soluble in the presence of NaCl at concentration up to 20 and 30g/l for ASC and PSC, respectively. Expand
Protein Hydrolysates from Pacific Whiting Solid Wastes
Alcalase and Neutrase showed optimum activity against Pacific whiting solid wastes (PWSW) at pH 9.5, 60 °C and pH 7.0, 55 °C, respectively. Alcalase had a higher proteolytic activity than Neutrase.Expand
Biochemical and gelling properties of tilapia surimi and protein recovered using an acid-alkaline process
Abstract The biochemical and gel properties of tilapia surimi prepared by a conventional washing method and protein isolated using alkaline-acid-aided processes were studied. Solubility and recoveryExpand