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The Claims of Culture: Equality and Diversity in the Global Era
Preface vii Acknowledgments xv 1. Introduction On the Use and Abuse of Culture 1 2. "Nous" et les "Autres" (We and the Others) Is Universalism Ethnocentric? 24 3. From Redistribution to Recognition?Expand
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The rights of others : aliens, residents, and citizens
Introduction 1. On hospitality: rereading Kant's cosmopolitan doctrine 2. 'The right to have rights': Hannah Arendt and the contradictions of the nation-state 3. The law of peoples, distributiveExpand
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Democracy and difference : contesting the boundaries of the political
Introduction: The Democratic Moment and the Problem of Difference3Pt. 1Democratic Theory: Foundations and Perspectives191Three Normative Models of Democracy212Fugitive Democracy313UsingExpand
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Critique, Norm, and Utopia: A Study of the Foundations of Critical Theory
Displaying an impressive command of complex materials, Seyla Benhabib reconstructs the history of theories from a systematic point of view and examines the origins and transformations of the conceptExpand
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Modernity versus Postmodernity
Last year, architects were admitted to the Biennial in Venice, following painters and filmmakers. The note sounded at this first Architecture Biennial was o'he of disappointment. I would describe itExpand
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The Claims of Culture
An exposure optical system for continuously projecting the image of an original on a document table onto a moving photoreceptor includes a first carriage equipped with document illuminating means moved in synchronism with the Photoreceptor and a second carriage moved at half the speed of the first carriage in operative relation thereto by a rotary member and equipped with a reflecting optical system. Expand
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Crises of the Republic
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The Reluctant Modernism of Hannah Arendt
Chapter 1 Introduction: Why Hannah Arendt? Chapter 2 The Pariah and Her Shadow: Hannah Arendt's Biography of Rahel Varnhagen Chapter 3 Jewish Politics and German "Existenz Philosophy": The Sources ofExpand
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