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On the fragility of skilled performance: what governs choking under pressure?
  • S. Beilock, T. Carr
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Journal of experimental psychology. General
  • 1 December 2001
Experiments 1-2 examined generic knowledge and episodic memories of putting in novice and expert golfers. Impoverished episodic recollection of specific putts among experts indicated that skilledExpand
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When paying attention becomes counterproductive: impact of divided versus skill-focused attention on novice and experienced performance of sensorimotor skills.
Two experiments examined the impact of attention on sensorimotor skills. In Experiment 1, experienced golfers putted under dual-task conditions designed to distract attention from putting and underExpand
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Female teachers’ math anxiety affects girls’ math achievement
People’s fear and anxiety about doing math—over and above actual math ability—can be an impediment to their math achievement. We show that when the math-anxious individuals are female elementaryExpand
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When High-Powered People Fail
We examined the relation between pressure-induced performance decrements, or “choking under pressure,” in mathematical problem solving and individual differences in working memory capacity. InExpand
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Math Anxiety, Working Memory, and Math Achievement in Early Elementary School
Although math anxiety is associated with poor mathematical knowledge and low course grades (Ashcraft & Krause, 2007), research establishing a connection between math anxiety and math achievement hasExpand
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Numerical ordering ability mediates the relation between number-sense and arithmetic competence
What predicts human mathematical competence? While detailed models of number representation in the brain have been developed, it remains to be seen exactly how basic number representations link toExpand
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The Role of Parents and Teachers in the Development of Gender-Related Math Attitudes
Girls tend to have more negative math attitudes, including gender stereotypes, anxieties, and self-concepts, than boys. These attitudes play a critical role in math performance, math course-taking,Expand
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More on the fragility of performance: choking under pressure in mathematical problem solving.
In 3 experiments, the authors examined mathematical problem solving performance under pressure. In Experiment 1, pressure harmed performance on only unpracticed problems with heavy working memoryExpand
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Stereotype threat and working memory: mechanisms, alleviation, and spillover.
Stereotype threat (ST) occurs when the awareness of a negative stereotype about a social group in a particular domain produces suboptimal performance by members of that group. Although ST has beenExpand
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Why do athletes choke under pressure
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