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A high-yielding, strictly regioselective prebiotic purine nucleoside formation pathway
It is reported that the condensation of formamidopyrimidines with sugars provides the natural N-9 nucleosides with extreme regioselectivity and in good yields, providing a plausible scenario of how purineucleosides may have formed under prebiotic conditions. Expand
Unified prebiotically plausible synthesis of pyrimidine and purine RNA ribonucleotides
The synthesis of the pyrimidine nucleosides from small molecules and ribose is reported, driven solely by wet-dry cycles and is compatible with purine synthesis, allowing the concurrent formation of all Watson-Crick bases. Expand
Wet-dry cycles enable the parallel origin of canonical and non-canonical nucleosides by continuous synthesis
It is reported that geothermal fields could provide the right setup for establishing wet–dry cycles that allow for the synthesis of RNA nucleosides by continuous synthesis by simple changes of physical parameters such as temperature, pH and concentration. Expand
Non-canonical nucleosides and chemistry of the emergence of life
Prebiotic chemistry, driven by changing environmental parameters provides canonical and a multitude of non-canonical nucleosides. This suggests that Watson-Crick base pairs were selected from aExpand
Proto‐Urea‐RNA (Wöhler RNA) Containing Unusually Stable Urea Nucleosides
It is postulate that urea‐containing RNA bases are good candidates for a proto‐RNA world, and investigations of the nucleotides’ base‐pairing potential showed that triuret:G RNA base pairs closely resemble U:G wobble base pairs. Expand
Noncanonical RNA Nucleosides as Molecular Fossils of an Early Earth-Generation by Prebiotic Methylations and Carbamoylations.
This work shows that isocyanates in combination with sodium nitrite establish methylating and carbamoylating reactivity compatible with early Earth conditions and provides a plausible scenario for the chemical origin of certain noncanonical bases, which suggests that they are fossils of an early Earth. Expand
A one-pot, water compatible synthesis of pyrimidine nucleobases under plausible prebiotic conditions.
A new prebiotically plausible pathway towards a pyrimidine nucleobase in continuous manner involving simultaneous methylation and carbamoylation of cyanoacetylene-derived α,β-unsaturated thioamide with N-methyl-N-nitrosourea withMNU in aqueous media is reported. Expand
Publisher Correction: Non-canonical nucleosides and chemistry of the emergence of life
The original version of this Article contained errors in the citations in the second, third and fourth sentences of the first paragraph of the ‘Life and LUCA’ section, which incorrectly read ‘ItsExpand
Prebiotic methylations and carbamoylations generate non-canonical RNA nucleosides as molecular fossils of an early Earth
The RNA world hypothesis assumes that life on earth started with small RNA molecules that catalyzed their own formation. Vital to this hypothesis is the need for prebiotic routes towards RNA.Expand