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Methylation-specific PCR: a novel PCR assay for methylation status of CpG islands.
The use of MSP is demonstrated to identify promoter region hypermethylation changes associated with transcriptional inactivation in four important tumor suppressor genes (p16, p15, E-cadherin and von Hippel-Lindau) in human cancer.
Integrated genomic characterization of endometrial carcinoma
  • D. Levine, Gad Stacey B. Kristian Eric Andrey Carrie Mike Cyriac Getz Gabriel Cibulskis Lander Sivachenko Sougnez L, H. Sofia
  • Biology, Medicine
  • 1 May 2013
The genomic features of endometrial carcinomas permit a reclassification that may affect post-surgical adjuvant treatment for women with aggressive tumours, and these features are classified into four categories: POLE ultramutated, microsatellite instability hypermutated, copy- number low, and copy-number high.
The fundamental role of epigenetic events in cancer
This review discusses patterns of DNA methylation and chromatin structure in neoplasia and the molecular alterations that might cause them and/or underlie altered gene expression in cancer.
Integrated Genomic Analyses of Ovarian Carcinoma
It is reported that high-grade serous ovarian cancer is characterized by TP53 mutations in almost all tumours (96%); low prevalence but statistically recurrent somatic mutations in nine further genes including NF1, BRCA1,BRCA2, RB1 and CDK12; 113 significant focal DNA copy number aberrations; and promoter methylation events involving 168 genes.
Genomic and epigenomic landscapes of adult de novo acute myeloid leukemia.
It is found that a complex interplay of genetic events contributes to AML pathogenesis in individual patients and the databases from this study are widely available to serve as a foundation for further investigations of AMl pathogenesis, classification, and risk stratification.
CpG island methylator phenotype in colorectal cancer.
A pathway in colorectal cancer appears to be responsible for the majority of sporadic tumors with mismatch repair deficiency, and is defined as CpG island methylator phenotype (CIMP); CIMP+ tumors also have a high incidence of p16 and THBS1 methylation, and they include the majority with microsatellite instability related to hMLH 1 methylation.
Gene silencing in cancer in association with promoter hypermethylation.
The mechanisms of gene silencing in cancer and clinical applications of this phenomenon are reviewed, especially tumor-suppressor genes.
Comprehensive molecular characterization of human colon and rectal cancer
Integrative analyses suggest new markers for aggressive colorectal carcinoma and an important role for MYC-directed transcriptional activation and repression.