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Population Genomics of Parallel Adaptation in Threespine Stickleback using Sequenced RAD Tags
Next-generation sequencing technology provides novel opportunities for gathering genome-scale sequence data in natural populations, laying the empirical foundation for the evolving field ofExpand
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Extensive linkage disequilibrium and parallel adaptive divergence across threespine stickleback genomes
Population genomic studies are beginning to provide a more comprehensive view of dynamic genome-scale processes in evolution. Patterns of genomic architecture, such as genomic islands of increasedExpand
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SNP discovery and genotyping for evolutionary genetics using RAD sequencing.
Next-generation sequencing technologies are revolutionizing the field of evolutionary biology, opening the possibility for genetic analysis at scales not previously possible. Research in populationExpand
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Development of the central nervous system in the larvacean Oikopleura dioica and the evolution of the chordate brain.
In non-vertebrate chordates, central nervous system (CNS) development has been studied in only two taxa, the Cephalochordata and a single Class (Ascidiacea) of the morphologically diverseExpand
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Telomere Variation in Xenopus laevis
ABSTRACT Eukaryotic telomeres are variable at several levels, from the length of the simple sequence telomeric repeat tract in different cell types to the presence or number of telomere-adjacent DNAExpand
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Evolution of the thyroid: Anterior–posterior regionalization of the Oikopleura endostyle revealed by Otx, Pax2/5/8, and Hox1 expression
The thyroid in vertebrates and its homolog, the endostyle in nonvertebrate chordates, share a molecular code for dorsoventral patterning. Little is yet known, however, about mechanisms that patternExpand
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A novel minisatellite at a cloned hamster telomere
The ends of eukaryotic chromosomes have special properties and roles in chromosome behavior. Selection for telomere function in yeast, using a Chinese hamster hybrid cell line as the source DNA,Expand
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Chromonomer: A Tool Set for Repairing and Enhancing Assembled Genomes Through Integration of Genetic Maps and Conserved Synteny
The pace of the sequencing and computational assembly of novel reference genomes is accelerating. Though DNA sequencing technologies and assembly software tools continue to improve, biologicalExpand