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Some studies on hard turning of AISI 4340 steel using multilayer coated carbide tool
Abstract Hard turning with multilayer coated carbide tool has several benefits over grinding process such as, reduction of processing costs, increased productivities and improved material properties.Expand
Some studies on drilling of hybrid metal matrix composites based on Taguchi techniques
Abstract Drilling is a metal removal process and is important for the final fabrication stage prior to application. This paper discusses the influence of cutting parameters on drillingExpand
Machinability investigations on hardened AISI 4340 steel using coated carbide insert
Abstract The hard turning process with advanced cutting tool materials has several advantages over grinding such as short cycle time, process flexibility, compatible surface roughness, higherExpand
Wire electric discharge machining characteristics of titanium nickel shape memory alloy
Abstract TiNi shape memory alloys (SMAs) have been normally used as the competent elements in large part of the industries due to outstanding properties, such as super elasticity and shape memoryExpand
Drilling of hybrid metal matrix composites : Workpiece surface integrity
Abstract The main concern in the present study is the surface roughness variations on the drilled surface and extension of surface and sub-surface deformation due to drilling. The influence ofExpand
Tool Wear in Turning of Graphitic Hybrid Metal Matrix Composites
This study presents an experimental investigation on tool wear in machining Al 2219/15SiCp and Al 2219/15SiCp-3Gr (hybrid) composites at different cutting conditions with carbide, coated carbide, andExpand
Application of Taguchi techniques to study dry sliding wear behaviour of metal matrix composites
Aluminium metal matrix composites reinforced with SiC and graphite (Gr) particles was prepared by liquid metallurgy route. Dry sliding wear behaviour of the composite was tested and compared withExpand
Wire Electro Discharge Machining Performance of TiNiCu Shape Memory Alloy
The study presents the effect of Wire Electro Discharge Machining (WEDM) system parameters on the Material Removal Rate (MRR), surface roughness and surface morphology of Ti 50Ni 45Cu 5 SMA developedExpand
Influence of sliding speed on the dry sliding wear behaviour and the subsurface deformation on hybrid metal matrix composite
In recent years, more attention is being paid to the structure of both the surface and the subsurface of a material being subjected to wear. Surface and subsurface deformation can cause aExpand
Dry sliding wear behavior of Al 2219/SiCp-Gr hybrid metal matrix composites
The dry sliding wear behavior of Al 2219 alloy and Al 2219/SiCp/Gr hybrid composites are investigated under similar conditions. The composites are fabricated using the liquid metallurgy technique.Expand