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Contributions of the thalamocortical system towards sound-specific auditory plasticity
The function of the auditory cortex is dynamic. Although auditory cortical plasticity can be induced through various approaches such as learning, experience and sensory deprivation, a common propertyExpand
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Bioavailability Enhancement of Poorly Water Soluble and Weakly Acidic New Chemical Entity with 2-Hydroxy Propyl-β-Cyclodextrin: Selection of Meglumine, a Polyhydroxy Base, as a Novel Ternary Component
The purpose of the present study was to investigate the influence of a polyhydroxy base, N-acetyl glucamine (also know as Meglumine), as a ternary component on the complexation of DRF-4367, a poorlyExpand
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Prepulse Inhibition of Acoustic Startle Reflex as a Function of the Frequency Difference between Prepulse and Background Sounds in Mice
Background Prepulse inhibition (PPI) depicts the effects of a weak sound preceding strong acoustic stimulus on acoustic startle response (ASR). Previous studies suggest that PPI is influenced byExpand
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