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Perspectives on archaeal diversity, thermophily and monophyly from environmental rRNA sequences.
Phylogenetic analysis of ribosomal RNA sequences obtained from uncultivated organisms of a hot spring in Yellowstone National Park reveals several novel groups of Archaea, many of which diverged fromExpand
Remarkable archaeal diversity detected in a Yellowstone National Park hot spring environment.
The large number of distinct archaeal sequence types retrieved from this single hot spring was unexpected and demonstrates that Crenarchaeota is a much more diverse group than was previously suspected. Expand
Smart cities and urban data platforms: Designing interfaces for smart governance
Abstract The proliferation of smart city policies worldwide in recent years has seen digital infrastructure, urban data and software design play increasingly central roles in the contemporaryExpand
Digital Infrastructures and Urban Governance
Abstract The urban built environment is underpinned by an increasingly complex digital infrastructure, which is posing a variety of unpredictable and unprecedented challenges for urban governance.Expand
Neuroprotection by nicotine against hypoxia-induced apoptosis in cortical cultures involves activation of multiple nicotinic acetylcholine receptor subtypes
The presence of nicotine during the hypoxic insult protected a subpopulation of susceptible neurones against DNA damage and apoptosis induced by oxygen deprivation and was prevented by a 30-min pre-incubation with either 100 nM alpha-bungarotoxin or 1 microM dihydro-beta-erythroidine. Expand
Mineralization of 2,4,6-trinitrophenol (picric acid): Characterization and phylogenetic identification of microbial strains
Four bacterial strains that use picric acid as their sole carbon and energy source were isolated and their close relatives were identified as close relatives of Nocardioides simplex based on their small subunit (16S) rRNA gene sequences. Expand
Mine your data: open data, digital strategies and entrepreneurial governance by code
Investment in the release of open data has become increasingly central to the implementation of smart city programs by governments around the world. Though originally arising out of a push towardsExpand
Phylogenetic perspective on microbial life in hydrothermal ecosystems, past and present.
P phylogenetic analyses of small subunit rRNA sequences obtained from microorganisms of a hot spring in Yellowstone National Park are used to explore the archael (archaebacterial) diversity present, revealing several novel groups of archaea and demonstrating that hydrothermal systems harbour a rich variety of life. Expand