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Investment into venture capital funds in Europe: An exploratory study
Abstract Insight into the flow of capital into venture capital (VC) funds is fundamental to our understanding of the overall flow of capital into entrepreneurial ventures. To understand the processes
Raising Venture Capital
Preface. PART I: THE BUSINESS OF VENTURE CAPITAL. 1. Entrepreneurs and Venture Capitalists. 2. Other People's Money. 3. The Limited Partnership. 4. The Competitive Environment. 5. The VC's Investment
The Meaning of Sport
In "The Meaning of Sport", award-winning sportswriter Simon Barnes gives you his grandstand seat for a journey from the Olympic Games in Athens to the World Cup in Germany - via the Ashes series, the
Investment in Venture Capital Funds in Europe
This highly accessible book brings together the insights of leading academics and researchers to promote a better understanding of the role of private equity providers in the development of
Presenteeism – how it can be managed and even used to the benefit of the unwell who want to work and the employer organization
Simon Barnes is Managing Director at Dinamiks Ltd, Chichester, UK. P resenteeism is a relatively new description to describe employees who turn up for work feeling unwell and put in a shift if they
Flying In the Face of Nature
Education. Never too old to learn.
  • S. Barnes
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  • 24 July 1985
How does VC feedback affect start-ups?
This study examines how venture capital (VC) feedback affects start-ups through a three-year qualitative study of university spin-offs. We present a taxonomy of VC feedback into (i) inconsistent,