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The transcriptional function of the hepatitis B virus X protein and its role in hepatocarcinogenesis (Review).
The transactivation function of pX is described and its role in hepatocarcinogenesis is described, which is regarded as a promiscuous transactivator, acting via a dual mechanism. Expand
The Hepatitis B Virus X Protein Enhances the DNA Binding Potential and Transcription Efficacy of bZip Transcription Factors*
It is concluded that pX is an enhancer of the DNA binding potential of b Zip transcription factors, thereby increasing the transactivation or repression efficacy of bZip-responsive genes. Expand
Different Regions of Hepatitis B Virus X Protein Are Required for Enhancement of bZip-Mediated Transactivation versus Transrepression
A requirement for different regions of pX in affecting CREB transactivation suggests that amino acid residues 115 to 140 integrate additional events in effecting pX-mediated transactivation, such as concomitant interactions with select components of the basal transcriptional apparatus. Expand