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New Insights into the Mechanism of Visible Light Photocatalysis.
Various examples of advanced TiO2 composites have been discussed in relation to their visible light induced photoconversion efficiency, dynamics of electron-hole separation, and decomposition of organic and inorganic pollutants, which suggest the critical need for further development of these types of materials for energy conversion and environmental remediation purposes. Expand
Self-Cleaning Applications of TiO2 by Photo-Induced Hydrophilicity and Photocatalysis
Abstract Self-cleaning materials have gained considerable attention for both their unique properties and practical applications in energy and environmental areas. Recent examples of many TiO2-derivedExpand
Mechanistic quantification of RC bridge damage states under earthquake through fragility analysis
Risk assessment of infrastructure systems plays an increasingly important role in their plan, design, maintenance, retrofit and life-cycle cost evaluation taking into consideration theirExpand
The effect of landscape position on biomass crop yield.
Integrating annual and perennial crops at the field scale creates new opportunities for increasing financial return while addressing important environmental and ecological issues. An understanding ofExpand
The Impact of Flood-Induced Scour on Seismic Fragility Characteristics of Bridges
Earthquake in the presence of flood-induced scour is a critical multihazard scenario for bridges located in seismically-active, flood-prone regions. The present article evaluates seismic performanceExpand
Socio-Economic Effect of Seismic Retrofit Implemented on Bridges in the Los Angeles Highway Network
This research studied socio-economic effect of the seismic retrofit implemented on bridges in Los Angeles Area Freeway Network. Advanced FE (Finite Element) modeling and nonlinear time historyExpand
Retrofit Optimization for Resilience Enhancement of Bridges under Multihazard Scenario
AbstractBridge retrofitting is a common approach to enhance resilience of highway transportation systems. The study uses a multiobjective evolutionary algorithm to identify retrofit designExpand
Propagation characteristics of optical waveguiding structures by direct solution of the Helmholtz equation for total fields
A method for obtaining total field solutions from the Helmholtz equation for optical waveguiding structures is presented. The method is based on a conversion of the Helmholtz equation into a matrixExpand
Adoption of conservation-tillage practices and herbicide-resistant seed in cotton production.
This research was supported in part by the Delta Research and Extension Center of Mississippi State University in Stoneville, MS.