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DNA regulatory sequences of the rat tyrosine hydroxylase gene direct correct catecholaminergic cell-type specificity of a human growth hormone reporter in the CNS of transgenic mice causing a dwarf
Transgenic mice bearing 4.8 kilobases (kb) of upstream rat tyrosine hydroxylase (TH) sequences linked to a human growth hormone gene (hGH) exhibited cell-specific expression of hGH in all theExpand
Autofeedback suppression of growth hormone (GH) secretion in transgenic mice expressing a human GH reporter targeted by tyrosine hydroxylase 5'-flanking sequences to the hypothalamus.
Transgenic mice expressing a tyrosine hydroxylase-human (h) GH fusion gene in the hypothalamus exhibit a dwarf phenotype. The GH feedback mechanism(s) underlying the growth retardation in theseExpand
Induction of constitutive heat shock protein 73 mRNA in the dentate gyrus by seizures.
We examined the effects of generalized seizures on heat shock protein (hsp) mRNA induction in the rat brain using in situ hybridization. Seizures induced by electroconvulsive shock, electrical orExpand