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Diameter-Selective Raman Scattering from Vibrational Modes in Carbon Nanotubes
Single wall carbon nanotubes (SWNTs) that are found as close-packed arrays in crystalline ropes have been studied by using Raman scattering techniques with laser excitation wavelengths in the rangeExpand
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Smallest limit of tube diameters for encasing of particular fullerenes determined by radial breathing mode Raman scattering
Abstract Lineshapes of radial breathing mode (RBM) Raman scattering from single-wall carbon nanotubes (SWNTs) encasing the fullerenes vary depending on the sizes of fullerenes. The lineshape fitExpand
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Evidence for substantial interaction between Gd ion and SWNT in (Gd@C82)n@SWNT peapods revealed by STM studies
Abstract A metallofullerene, Gd@C82, encapsulated in the inside space of single walled carbon nanotube (SWNT) has been identified as an STM image of a carbon cage and a Gd atom by a measurement ofExpand
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Spectroscopic Properties of Isolated Sc3@C82 Metallofullerene
An endohedral triscandium fullerene, Sc{sub 3}C{sub 82} has been purified and isolated for the first time by the so-called two-stage high performance liquid chromatography. The isolated Sc{subExpand
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Magnetic behavior of nonet tetracarbene as a model for one-dimensional organic ferromagnets.
Tetracarbene (1) was generated by photolysis of the corresponding tetradiazo compound (2) in a 2-methyltetrahydrofuran glass or a single crystal of benzophenone at cryogenic tempreatures. TheExpand
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A Tetranuclear Vanadium(III, III, IV, IV) Complex Formed by a Reaction of Bis(acetylacetonato)oxovanadium(IV) with a Thiolate Ligand
A mixed-valence tetranuclear vanadium(III, III, IV, IV) complex, [V2(VO)2(acac)4(CH3O)6] (Hacac = acetylacetone), has been isolated by a reaction of VO(acac)2 with 2-(3-aminopropylamino)ethanethiolExpand
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Electron Spin Relaxation Time of Ultrafine Zinc Particles Measured by Spin Probe Method
A new method of observing the quantum size effect of ultrafine zinc particles is proposed. In the method proposed, an ESR-active ion as a spiut probe is added to ultrafine particles (UFP's). TheExpand
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Magnetic Property of Antiferromagnetic MnO Ultrafine-Particle
Superparamagnetism was observed in antiferromagnetic MnO ultrafine-particles with the size range of 3.7∼5.4 nm. The decrease of Neel temperature in these finite systems was confirmed by measuring theExpand
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Control of Charge Instabilities in Quasi-One-Dimensional Halogen-Bridged Nickel Compounds
Abstract Quasi-one-dimensional halogen-bridged nickel compounds with nitrate counteranions, Ni(chxn)2X(NO3)2 (chxn=cyclohexanediamine; X=C; and Br), and with perchlorate counteranions,Expand
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Magnetic Property of 1,3,5-Tris(4′,4′,5′,5′-tetramethylimidazolin-2′-yl)benzene 3′,3′′,3′′′-Trioxide 1′,1′′,1′′′-Trioxyl in 1 : 1 Mixed Crystals with 1,3,5-Trinitrobenzene
Temperature dependence of magnetic susceptibility of 1,3,5-tris(4′,4′,5′,5′-tetramethylimidazolin-2′-yl)benzene 3′,3′′,3′′′-trioxide 1′,1′′,1′′′-trioxyl was measured by a Faraday type magneticExpand
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