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Sesquiterpenoids in subtribe Centaureinae (Cass.) Dumort (tribe Cardueae, Asteraceae): distribution, (13)C NMR spectral data and biological properties.
This review summarizes reports on sesquiterpenoids from the Centaureinae subtribe of the Asteraceae family, as well as the (13)C NMR spectral data described in the literature, and reviews studies concerning the biological activities of these metabolites. Expand
Red List of Bulgarian vascular plants
The national threat status of 898 species of vascular plants from the Bulgarian flora has been evaluated using Version 3.1 of the IUCN Red List Categories and Criteria. The resulting Red List of theExpand
The metabolites of the genus onopordum (asteraceae): Chemistry and biological properties
All the metabolites present in all the species of genus Onopordum, reported up to 2009, are reviewed and several chemotaxonomic consideration have been made. Expand
Centaurea Sect. Cyanus: Nuclear Phylogeny, Biogeography, and Life-Form Evolution
The authors' results confirm the eastern origin of Cyanus of Centaurea, which probably arose from a Caucasian and North Iranian stock, and monophyletic, and annuals (subsect. Cyanus) arose from perennials in Anatolia. Expand
Assessing the genetic diversity of Centaurea parlatoris group (sect. Dissectae, Compositae) in Sicily using isozymes
This study involves eight Sicilian populations of the C. parlatoris group and the obtained dendrogram reflects the recent taxonomic treatment of the group, and can provide means for both assessment of the future impact of erosion on diversity and elaboration of effective conservation strategies for these endemic taxa. Expand
Genetic diversity in the Centaurea cineraria group (Compositae) in Sicily using isozymes
The genetic diversity of seven taxa endemic to Sicily, C. todari, is moderate, with the highest genetic variability found in the populations of C.todari and C. busambarensis. Expand
Ex situ and in situ conservation of Centaurea pseudaxillaris (Asteraceae) by means of plant biotechnology
Correspondance: Marina Ivanova Stanilova Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research, Department of Plant and Fungi Diversity and Resources, 23, Acad. G. Bonchev Str., 1113 Sofia, Bulgaria. Tel:Expand
Centaurea erycina (Asteraceae), a new species from NW-Sicily
A new species of Asteraceae from Sicily is described and illustrated from the calcareous rocks of San Giuliano Mt. near Erice village (NW-Sicily). Expand
Centaurea wagenitziana (Asteraceae: Centaureinae), a new species from the Eastern Balkans
Centaurea wagenitziana Bancheva & Kit Tan from SE Bulgaria and NW Turkey is described as a species new to science. Its chromosome number of 2n = 30 is a first report. It closely resembles C.Expand
Centaurea aytugiana (Asteraceae), a New Species from North Anatolia, Turkey
A new species in Centaurea L. aytugiana from Turkey, currently known from a single locality in Karabük Province, is assessed as Critically Endangered (CR), according to IUCN criteria. Expand