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The teacher's soul and the terrors of performativity
This paper is the latest in a short series on the origins, processes and effects of performativity in the public sector. Performativity, it is argued, is a new mode of state regulation which makes it
Education Reform: A Critical and Post-Structural Approach
Post-Structuralism, Ethnography and the Critical Analysis of Educational Reform What is Policy? - Texts, Trajectories and Toolboxes Education, Majorism and the Curriculum of the Dead Education
Class Strategies and the Education Market: The Middle Classes and Social Advantage
1. Class and Strategy 2. Market Research! The Inclination and Capacity for Choice 3. Cultural Capacity and Social Capital 4. Fear and Anxiety 5. Starting Early! 6. We are all Libertarians now? 7.
(1993). WHAT IS POLICY? TEXTS, TRAJECTORIES AND TOOLBOXES. Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education: Vol. 13, No. 2, pp. 10-17.
How Schools Do Policy: Policy Enactments in Secondary Schools
Foreword or Introduction 1. Beyond implementation -Towards a Theory of Policy Enactment 2. Taking Context Seriously 3. Doing Enactment: People, Culture and Policy Work 4. Policy into Practice 5.
Big Policies/Small World: An introduction to international perspectives in education policy
In this paper the primary emphasis is upon the general and common elements in contemporary, international education policy, but nonetheless the discussion also considers the processes of translation
Performativities and fabrications in the education economy: Towards the performative society?
This paper 'joins in' and contributes to an emerging stream of ideas and conversations related to 'performativity' in education and social policyuwhich includes, among others, Jill Blackmore, Judyth
Politics and Policymaking in Education: Explorations in Policy Sociology
List of Figures. Preface. Introduction. 1 Policy Matters! 2 Discipline and Chaos: the New Right and Discourses of Derision 3 The New Right and Education Policy 4 Industrial Training or New
The Micro-Politics of the School: Towards a Theory of School Organization
Stephen Ball's micro-political theory of school organization is a radical departure from traditional theories. He rejects a prescriptive 'top-down' approach and directly addresses the interests and
Markets, choice, and equity in education
Researching education markets choice and class - parents in the market-place an analysis of local market relations managers and markets - school organization in transition schooling in the