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Rotation, convection, and magnetic activity in lower main-sequence stars
Rotation periods are reported for 14 main-sequence stars, bringing the total number of such stars with well-determined rotation periods to 41. It is found that the mean level of their Ca n H and KExpand
Ca II H and K measurements made at Mount Wilson Observatory, 1966-1983
Summaries are presented of the photoelectric measurements of stellar Ca II H and K line intensity made at Mount Wilson Observatory during the years 1966-1983. These results are derived from 65,263Expand
Evidence for a Long-Period Planet Orbiting ∊ Eridani
High-precision radial velocity (RV) measurements spanning the years 1980.8‐2000.0 are presented for the nearby (3.22 pc) K2 V star e Eri. These data, which represent a combination of six independentExpand
No planet for HD 166435
The G0 V star HD 166435 has been observed by the ber-fed spectrograph ELODIE as one of the targets in the large extra-solar planet survey that we are conducting at the Observatory of Haute-Provence.Expand
The Extrasolar Planet ∊ Eridani b: Orbit and Mass
Hubble Space Telescope (HST) observations of the nearby (3.22 pc) K2 V star Eridani have been combined with ground-based astrometric and radial velocity data to determine the mass of its knownExpand
Patterns of Photometric and Chromospheric Variation among Sun-like Stars: A 20 Year Perspective
We examine patterns of variation of 32 primarily main-sequence Sun-like stars [selected at project onset as stars on or near the main sequence and color index 0.42 ≤ (B - V) ≤ 1.4], extending ourExpand
Patterns of Variation among Sun-like Stars
We examine the patterns of variation among a sample of 35 stars that includes the Sun, particularly on the timescale of the 11 yr solar activity cycle. Our investigation uses contemporaneousExpand