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3D surface-related multiple modeling
The shape of seismic reflected energy on shot or CMP gathers can be ex-tremely complicated in comparison with the actual geometry of geologic generators. A simple synclinal structure may produce aExpand
Orthogonal wide azimuth surveys: acquisition and imaging
Summary We present results from a case study being performed in the Gulf of Mexico (GoM) that utilizes two orthogonal Wide Azimuth (WAZ) surveys to create an improved image of the subsurface. TheExpand
Seismic interference noise attenuation
Summary Attenuation of seismic interference noise that overpowers seismic reflections can be achieved by making use of wellknown f-x prediction filters and the non-predictability of interfering noiseExpand
Broadband Processing of Variable-depth Streamer Data
The frequency of ghost notches is naturally diversified by random variations, both at the sea surface and in the streamer depth. A systematic diversity may be introduced by towing a streamer atExpand
Redatuming and Deghosting of Variable-Depth Streamer Data
The frequency of ghost notch is naturally diversified by random variations at the sea surface. Further diversity may be achieved by towing a variable depth streamer. Regardless of the streamer shapeExpand
Enhanced Pre-stack Depth Imaging of Wide-azimuth Data From the Gulf of Mexico: a Case History
We present a case study of enhanced imaging of wideazimuth data from the Gulf of Mexico utilizing recent technologies; and we discuss the resulting improvements in image quality, especially inExpand
Deblending of Large 3D Surveys Acquired with Triple Sources in NW Europe
Summary By increasing the number of sources, the crossline spacing is decreased for a given cable spacing, making it possible to efficiently acquire high resolution seismic data. To maintain CMP foldExpand
Triple Source in Seismic Exploration – Experiences Offshore Norway
In this paper we present best practices, learnings and benefits of using triple source configurations in connection with large marine exploration campaigns. The utilization of more sources behind aExpand