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Antifungal activity of Aegle marmelos (L.) Correa (Rutaceae) leaf extract on dermatophytes.
Aegle marmelos leaf extracts significantly inhibites the growth of all dermatophytic fungi studied and if this activity is confirmed by in vivo studies and if the compound is isolated and identified, it could be a remedy for dermatophytosis.
Trophic level of fishes occurring along the Indian coast
A strong positive correlation exists between maximum body length of finfishes and TrL, and the TrL decreased towards demersal habitat (3.44).
Quality of groundwater in Valikamam area, Jaffna Peninsula, Sri Lanka
The Jaffna Peninsula depends largely on groundwater resources for domestic as well as agricultural purposes. On several instances, it was pointed out that the groundwater is deteriorating due to
Antifungal activity of Ocimum sanctum Linn. (Lamiaceae) on clinically isolated dermatophytic fungi.
Ocimum sanctum has antifungal activity, and the leaf extracts may be a useful source for dermatophytic infections.
BIODECOLOURIZATION OF AZODYE (PIGMENTED RED 208) USING Bacillus fi rmus AND Bacillus laterosporus
The textile industry in India is one of the oldest industries. It provides direct employment to nearly thirty million people. Waste water from textile industries are a complex mixture of many
Z-Source based AC-AC Converter for Wind Generation
This work deals with modeling and digital simulation of AC-AC converter for wind generation. The output of wind generator is converted into DC using three phase uncontrolled rectifier. The output of
Management of paddy soaking water: as a source for enriched compost making
The effluents discharged from rice mills do not contain toxic compounds, but continuous discharge in to soil or surrounding water bodies cause adverse environmental effects. Hence, the aim of the
Improvement of the Voltage Profile and Loss Reduction in Distribution Network Using Moth Flame Algorithm: Wolaita Sodo, Ethiopia
Voltage stability and line losses are inevitable issues even in modern power systems. There are several techniques that emerged to solve problems in the power system to provide quality and
Skilled-unskilled wage gap without discrimination – the case of India
ABSTRACT Both skilled and unskilled workers are employed formally and informally in developing economies. However, workers employed informally are often discriminated – they receive lower returns to