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Currency crisis and the forward discount bias: Evidence from emerging economies under breaks
This paper investigates the effects of two financial crises (the 1997 Asian currency crisis and the 2000 Turkish financial crisis) on the forward discount bias in 14 emerging-market economies using aExpand
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On the decay of the triplet state of thionucleobases.
  • S. Bai, M. Barbatti
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Physical chemistry chemical physics : PCCP
  • 24 May 2017
Singlet oxygen production upon photosensitization plays a critical role in drugs based on thionucleobases. While for immunosuppressants its yield must be near zero, for phototherapeutic drugs itExpand
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Oil prices, stock returns, and exchange rates: Empirical evidence from China and the United States
Employing the diagonal BEKK model as well as the dynamic impulse response functions, this study investigates the time-varying trilateral relationships among real oil prices, exchange rate changes,Expand
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Why Replacing Different Oxygens of Thymine with Sulfur Causes Distinct Absorption and Intersystem Crossing.
  • S. Bai, M. Barbatti
  • Medicine, Chemistry
  • The journal of physical chemistry. A
  • 3 August 2016
Recent experiments replacing oxygen atoms by sulfur in thymine have revealed that absorption and intersystem crossing properties of these derivatives are strongly dependent on the position and numberExpand
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Measuring financial integration in the BRIC nations
  • S. Bai
  • Computer Science, Economics
  • Int. J. Serv. Stand.
  • 24 September 2009
This paper sets out to test the extent of financial integration at several levels. We focus on two key markets: the foreign exchange and equity markets. Results indicate that the BRIC financialExpand
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Evaluation of Spin-Orbit Couplings with Linear-Response Time-Dependent Density Functional Methods.
A new versatile code based on Python scripts was developed to calculate spin-orbit coupling (SOC) elements between singlet and triplet states. The code, named PySOC, is interfaced to third-partyExpand
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Occurrences of internet fraud in the USA
While it is true that the internet has helped businesses reach customers who were previously not accessible, it has also opened up another opportunity for fraud. This study examines the occurrencesExpand
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Identity theft in the USA: evidence from 2002 to 2006
Advances in mobile commerce and communication technologies have enabled businesses to reach clients across the globe who were not previously accessible. Unfortunately, mobile communications has alsoExpand
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Divide-to-Conquer: A Kinetic Model for Singlet Oxygen Photosensitization.
  • S. Bai, M. Barbatti
  • Medicine, Chemistry
  • Journal of chemical theory and computation
  • 11 October 2017
Photosensitized singlet oxygen generation occurring in a PS-O2 complex, where PS is a photosensitizer chromophore, is a weakly coupled intermolecular energy-transfer process, a still challengingExpand
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Spatial Factors for Triplet Fusion Reaction of Singlet Oxygen Photosensitization.
  • S. Bai, M. Barbatti
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • The journal of physical chemistry letters
  • 25 October 2017
First-principles quantum-chemical description of photosensitized singlet oxygen generation kinetics is challenging because of the intrinsic complexity of the underlying triplet fusion process in aExpand
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