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Stability of the Demand for Money in the Middle East
Previous studies that have estimated the money demand function in Middle Eastern countries employed either traditional estimation techniques or recently popularized cointegration techniques. TheExpand
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Causal nexus between economic growth, banking sector development, stock market development, and other macroeconomic variables: The case of ASEAN countries
This paper examines the relationship between banking sector development, stock market development, economic growth, and four other macroeconomic variables in ASEAN countries for the period 1961–2012.Expand
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The innovation- growth link in OECD countries: Could other macroeconomic variables matter?
Abstract This study investigates the Granger causal relationships between innovation, economic growth, information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure, government consumptionExpand
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Are innovation and financial development causative factors in economic growth? Evidence from a panel granger causality test
This article employs panel unit root and panel cointegration tests to determine the interactions between innovation, financial development, and economic growth in 49 European countries between 1961Expand
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Exchange rate volatility and demand for money in less developed countries
One implication of currency substitution is that the exchange rate could serve as another determinant of the demand for money. Indeed, many studies have justified this empirically for the majority ofExpand
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Effects of Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium bifidum Probiotics on the Expression of MicroRNAs 135b, 26b, 18a and 155, and Their Involving Genes in Mice Colon Cancer
A wide range of sources supports that the link between diet and colorectal cancer may be due to an imbalance of the intestinal microflora. In this case, it seems that the probiotics may have aExpand
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Relationships between telecommunications infrastructure, capital formation, and economic growth
This paper examines mutual relationships between telecommunications infrastructure, gross capital formation, and economic growth in the G-20 countries between 1961 and 2012. Expand
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Endogenous dynamics between innovation, financial markets, venture capital and economic growth: Evidence from Europe
Abstract Much of the literature on venture capital (VC) investment focuses on the impact of such investment on firm performance. Although some studies consider the link between VC investment,Expand
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ICT-finance-growth nexus: Empirical evidence from the Next-11 countries
Abstract This study assesses the causal relationship between information and communication technology (ICT) penetration, financial development, and economic growth in Next-11 countries between 1961Expand
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Non-profit organizations, entrepreneurship, social capital and economic growth
Traditional economic growth literature focuses mainly on the neoclassical approach. According to this view, firms try to maximize their benefits so that there is no place for non-profit organizationsExpand
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