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Direct analysis of diffraction by matter
Kinematic theory of diffraction by matter of any kind and the theory of liquids
Abstract An expression for the intensity function scattered coherently by an arbitrarily distorted lattice has been derived which degenerates under well-defined conditions to the well-known formulaeExpand
On homometric structures
The interference theory of ideal paracrystals
ABRAHAMS, S.C., Co~r~, R.L., LIPSCOMB, W.N. & REED, T.B. (1950). Rev. Sci. Instrum. 21, 396. AT.T,~,:N, P. W. & SUTTO:N, L. E. (1950). Acta Cryst. 3, 46. BADGER, R.M. {1940). J. Chem. Phys. 8, 288.Expand
On strong electrolytes in solutions
E in ausf i ihr l icher Ber ich t soll i m AnschluB an eine geologische U n t e r s u c h u n g yon H. FALKE fiber das H e r k u n f t s g e b i e t der P roben im N e u e n J a h r b u c h IfirExpand
The structure of liquids as revealed by the analysis of their radial distribution functions
Published data on radial distribution functions of liquid argon and of many cubic face-centred and body-centred liquid metals at different temperatures (as well as of solid copper at two differentExpand
Hydrodynamical approach to quantum physics