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Optimal Power Flow Management for Grid Connected PV Systems With Batteries
This paper presents an optimal power management mechanism for grid connected photovoltaic (PV) systems with storage. The objective is to help intensive penetration of PV production into the grid byExpand
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Space Vector Method for Voltage Dips and Swells Analysis
A new method for voltage dips and swells analysis is presented in this paper. This method is based on the space vector representation in the complex plane and the zero-sequence voltage. Indeed, inExpand
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Power Electronic Converters Modeling and Control: with Case Studies
Modern power electronic converters are involved in a very broad spectrum of applications: switched-mode power supplies, electrical-machine-motion-control, active power filters, distributed powerExpand
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Cascaded DC–DC Converter Photovoltaic Systems: Power Optimization Issues
This paper investigates the issues of ensuring global power optimization for cascaded dc-dc converter architectures of photovoltaic (PV) generators irrespective of the irradiance conditions. Expand
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New Optimized PWM VSC Control Structures and Strategies Under Unbalanced Voltage Transients
A new optimized operation strategy based on exchanged power maximization is proposed for vector control structures, which permits the extension of optimized operation to other VSC applications. Expand
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Managing Energy Smart Homes according to Energy Prices: Analysis of a Building Energy Management System
Abstract The Demand-Side-Load Management will change the way people behave. Different authors have proposed energy management algorithms for Smart Home that either integrates or not renewable energy.Expand
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Real-Time Analysis of the Transient Response Improvement of Fixed-Speed Wind Farms by Using a Reduced-Scale STATCOM Prototype
As the total number of installed wind farms is far from being negligible, an upgrading of their technology is essential to fulfil new interconnection requirements. Power electronics are considered toExpand
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Forecasting photovoltaic array power production subject to mismatch losses
The development of photovoltaic (PV) energy throughout the world this last decade has brought to light the presence of module mismatch losses in most PV applications. Expand
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A Single Synchronous Frame Hybrid (SSFH) Multifrequency Controller for Power Active Filters
We present a hybrid type of controller, called a single synchronous frame hybrid (SSFH) controller, which combines both features: It operates in an SSF mixing conventional PI and resonant controllers. Expand
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Nonintrusive Load Monitoring: A Temporal Multilabel Classification Approach
The article tackles the issues related to the identification of electrical appliances inside residential buildings. Expand
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