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The Evolving Theory of Evolutionary Radiations.
Evolutionary radiations have intrigued biologists for more than 100 years, and our understanding of the patterns and processes associated with these radiations continues to grow and evolve. RecentlyExpand
Ultraconserved elements show utility in phylogenetic inference of Adephaga (Coleoptera) and suggest paraphyly of ‘Hydradephaga’
The beetle suborder Adephaga has been the subject of many phylogenetic reconstructions utilizing a variety of data sources and inference methods. However, no strong consensus has yet emerged on theExpand
Molecular phylogeny of the aquatic beetle family Noteridae (Coleoptera: Adephaga) with an emphasis on data partitioning strategies.
The first molecular phylogenetic hypothesis for the aquatic beetle family Noteridae is inferred using DNA sequence data from five gene fragments (mitochondrial and nuclear): COI, H3, 16S, 18S, andExpand
Revision of the Neotropical burrowing water beetle genus Liocanthydrus Guignot (Coleoptera: Noteridae: Noterinae: Noterini) with the description of two new species.
The burrowing water beetle genus Liocanthydrus Guignot, 1957 is redefined and its species are revised. Of the four current species, three are recognized as belonging to the genus and redescribed: L.Expand
Phylogenomic analysis of the beetle suborder Adephaga with comparison of tailored and generalized ultraconserved element probe performance
Adephaga is the second largest suborder of beetles (Coleoptera) and they serve as important arthropod predators in both aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. The suborder is divided into GeadephagaExpand
Canthysellus Baca and Toledo (Coleoptera: Noteridae: Noterini), a New Genus of Burrowing Water Beetle from South America
Abstract Recent systematic and morphological studies on the family Noteridae have suggested that the Neotropical species Noterus buqueti Laporte, 1835 does not fit within the generic limits ofExpand
Notomicrus petrareptans sp. n., a new seep-dwelling species of Noteridae from Suriname (Coleoptera: Adephaga).
Notomicrus petrareptans sp. n. is described from an inselberg seepage in southwestern Suriname. This species is diagnosable by a combination of its weakly punctate elytra, respective shapes of theExpand
A new species of Suphisellus Crotch from Mexico (Coleoptera: Noteridae)
Suphisellus epleri sp. nov. is described from Veracruz, Mexico. The new species is characterized by (1) size; (2) elytra brownish-red, moderately punctate, each with three light-yellow spots; and (3)Expand
Rediscovery of Lutrochus laticeps Casey, 1893 (Coleoptera: Lutrochidae) and the Discovery of Dineutus productus Roberts, 1895 and Dineutus serrulatus analis Régimbart, 1882 (Coleoptera: Gyrinidae) in
Here, we report the first collection of the family Lutrochidae in Kansas, USA since 1920 and new records of Dineutus productus Roberts, 1895 and Dineutus serrulatus analis Régimbart, 1882 fromExpand