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Comparison of 1,5-Anhydroglucitol, HbA1c, and Fructosamine for Detection of Diabetes Mellitus
According to the selectivity index (sensitivity value times specificity value), AG determinations were superior to both HbA1c and FA measurements for diabetes screening, and together with other advantages of AG, e.g., its wide variance with relatively fair glycemic control and the negligible influence of the sampling conditions, AG level has more potential than Hb a1c or FA level as a screening criterion for diabetes. Expand
Counting Diabetes in the Next Millennium: Application of capture-recapture technology
It is suggested that one technology called capture-recapture would considerably increase the ability to “count” diabetes, both nationally and globally, and could serve as the model for the monitoring of all disease in the 21st century and beyond. Expand
Transient coappearance of glucagon and insulin in the progenitor cells of the rat pancreatic islets
It is concluded that the progenitor cells of the pancreatic islets appear to synthesize both glucagon and insulin by day 20.5 of gestation, but differentiate giving rise to mature A and B cells of adult isoets afterward. Expand
[Early colorectal cancer].
  • S. Baba
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  • Nihon rinsho. Japanese journal of clinical…
  • 1 May 1981
Evaluation of fasting serum insulin levels among Japanese school-age children.
It is concluded that a high-fat diet, low physical activity, and body fat accumulation influence the IRI level, which is closely related to serum lipid levels. Expand
Glycation of cataractous lens in non-diabetic senile subjects and in diabetic patients.
The results suggest that advanced-stage products in the Maillard reaction might accumulate in larger amounts in the nucleus and cortex than in the capsule, resulting in the formation of cataracts. Expand
Acceleration of Fructose Mediated Collagen Glycation
Fructose in the polyol pathway plays an important role in the formation of advanced Maillard reaction products which show fluorescence and have crosslinking, and collagen was significantly less soluble than after incubation with glucose. Expand
Hb Himeji or beta 140 (H18) Ala----Asp. A slightly unstable hemoglobin with increased beta N-terminal glycation.
A fast-moving abnormal hemoglobin found in a diabetic patient was identified as beta 140 (H18) Ala----Asp. It comprised about 40% of the total hemoglobin. The beta N-terminal glycation in theExpand