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Metabolic engineering of rice with soybean isoflavone synthase for promoting nodulation gene expression in rhizobia.
Results showed that the soybean IFS gene-expressed enzyme is active in the R86 rice plant, and that the naringenin intermediate of the anthocyanin pathway is available as a substrate for the introduced foreign enzyme.
Purification and characterization of cellulase from a novel isolate of Trichoderma longibrachiatum
The isolation, purification and characterization of a complex enzyme, cellulase, was carried out using a new local isolate of the fungus Trichoderma longibrachiatum from wood chips with a view to explore its utility in the biofuel industry.
Biobleaching of composit textile-dye effluent using bacterial consortia
This study exemplified the treatment feasability or assessment of potent bacterial consortia as a biobleaching agents for treating composite textile dye effluent.
Kinetic Study and Characterization of Cellulase Enzyme from Isolated Aspergillus niger subsp. awamori for Cellulosic Biofuels
The addition of this cellulase to lignocellulosic biomass showed good degradation of cellulose and therefore this fungus could be a future source for production of bioethanol from Lignocells Biomass (LB).
Effect of root exudates and extracts on rhizosphere fungi
Root exudates and extracts of Cassia tora L. and Crotalaria medicaginea Lamk.
Screening of mulberry varieties for resistance to leaf rust caused by Peridiopsora mori
Soixante seize varietes de muriers Morus sp aussi bien d'origines exotiques que locales ont ete evaluees pour leur resistance/sensibilite a la maladie de la rouille causee par Peridiopsora mori
Use of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhiza (VAM) as biofertilizer for horticultural plants in developing countries
One of the striking features of VAM fungi is their very wide host range which includes angiosperm species belonging to almost all the families, even the roots of some aquatic plants are colonized by VAM mushrooms.