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Multiple Notch signaling events control Drosophila CNS midline neurogenesis, gliogenesis and neuronal identity
The study of how transcriptional control and cell signaling influence neurons and glia to acquire their differentiated properties is fundamental to understanding CNS development and function. TheExpand
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Afferents and Homotypic Neighbors Regulate Horizontal Cell Morphology, Connectivity, and Retinal Coverage
Horizontal cells are inhibitory interneurons with laterally oriented dendrites that overlap one another, contacting the pedicles of cone photoreceptors. Because of their regular spacing, the networkExpand
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MidExDB: A database of Drosophila CNS midline cell gene expression
BackgroundThe Drosophila CNS midline cells are an excellent model system to study neuronal and glial development because of their diversity of cell types and the relative ease in identifying andExpand
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Dual role for Drosophila lethal of scute in CNS midline precursor formation and dopaminergic neuron and motoneuron cell fate
Dopaminergic neurons play important behavioral roles in locomotion, reward and aggression. The Drosophila H-cell is a dopaminergic neuron that resides at the midline of the ventral nerve cord. BothExpand
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Two phases of increased cell death in the inner retina following early elimination of the ganglion cell population
Neurons in the inner nuclear layer (INL) of the vertebrate retina undergo considerable programmed cell death during development, but the determinants of this cell death remain largely unknown. TheExpand
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Developmental improvement in the regularity and packing of mouse horizontal cells: implications for mechanisms underlying mosaic pattern formation.
The present investigation has sought to determine whether the population of retinal horizontal cells undergoes an increase in the precision of its mosaic patterning during postnatal development, andExpand
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Regularity and packing of the horizontal cell mosaic in different strains of mice.
The present study describes the relationships between mosaic regularity, intercellular spacing, and packing of horizontal cells across a two-fold variation in horizontal cell density in four strainsExpand
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Drosophila hedgehog signaling and engrailed-runt mutual repression direct midline glia to alternative ensheathing and non-ensheathing fates
The Drosophila CNS contains a variety of glia, including highly specialized glia that reside at the CNS midline and functionally resemble the midline floor plate glia of the vertebrate spinal cord.Expand
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Transcriptional Regulation of Drosophila Neural Development
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