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A review of hemorrhagic septicemia in cattle and buffalo
Abstract Hemorrhagic septicemia (HS), an acute, fatal and septicemic disease of cattle and buffaloes caused by Pasteurella multocida, is important in tropical regions of the world, especially inExpand
Antibiotic Sensitivity Patterns among Indian Strains of Avian Pasteurella multocida
An investigation was carried out to study the antibiotic sensitivity of avian strains ofPasteurella multocida and to select an effective antimicrobial agent for control of avian pasteurellosis inExpand
Prevalent Serotypes of Pasteurella multocida Isolated from Different Animal and Avian Species in India
Identification and estimation of the prevalence ofPasteurella multocida organisms in different animal and avian species in India during November 2000 to July 2003 was carried out. Out of 418 samplesExpand
Immunosuppression in Broiler Chicks Fed Aflatoxin and Inoculated with Fowl Adenovirus Serotype-4 (FAV-4) Associated with Hydropericardium Syndrome
A total of 240 unvaccinated day-old broiler chicks, which had been found to be negative for antibodies against FAV-4, were divided into four groups of 60 chicks each. Group A was fed aflatoxin at 1Expand
Highly effective generic adjuvant systems for orphan or poverty-related vaccines.
Safe and effective adjuvants are needed for many vaccines with limited commercial appeal, such as vaccines to infrequent (orphan) diseases or to neglected and poverty-related diseases. Here we foundExpand
Carboxyl terminus heterogeneity of type IV fimbrial subunit protein of Pasteurella multocida isolates
Pasteurella multocida, a Gram-negative bacterial pathogen, known to affect a wide range of domestic as well as wild animal and avian species throughout the world by causing either systemic orExpand
Cloning and Characterization of Type 4 Fimbrial Gene (ptfA) of Pasteurellamultocida Serogroup B:2 (Strain P52)
Pasteurella multocida is known to affect a wide range of domestic as well as wild animal and avian species (Hunt et al., 2000). Among the diseases caused by P. multocida, haemorrahagic septicaemiaExpand
Anthrax LFn-PA Hybrid Antigens: Biochemistry, Immunogenicity, and Protection Against Lethal Ames Spore Challenge in Rabbits.
We describe a novel hybrid anthrax toxin approach that incorporates multiple components into a single vaccine product. The key domains of protective antigen (PA) and lethal factor (LF) that may beExpand
Multicomponent anthrax toxin display and delivery using bacteriophage T4.
We describe a multicomponent antigen display and delivery system using bacteriophage T4. Two dispensable outer capsid proteins, Hoc (highly antigenic outer capsid protein, 155 copies) and Soc (smallExpand