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The corporate social performance-financial performance link
Strategic managers are consistently faced with the decision of how to allocate scarce corporate resources in an environment that is placing more and more pressures on them. Recent scholarship inExpand
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Institutional Owners and Corporate Social Performance
In this study, we hypothesize that institutions invest more heavily in companies with strong corporate social performance. Analysis indicated a significant, positive relationship between social per...
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Responsibility: The new business imperative
Executive Overview Businesses today are experiencing profound pressures to reform and improve stakeholder-related practices and their impacts on stakeholders and the natural environment--in short, toExpand
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Understanding Shareholder Activism: Which Corporations are Targeted?
This study provides preliminary empirical evidence that shareholder activists target companies because of their size as well as specific stakeholder-related practices. The data show that shareholderExpand
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Institutional Ownership and Corporate R&D in the Computer Industry
The article discusses a study on the relationship between institutional ownership and research and development (R&D) spending in several companies for the period 1980 to 1983, with a focus on the c...
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Quality of Management and Quality of Stakeholder Relations
This article presents an integrative conceptual framework for linking corporate social performance, stakeholders, and quality of management, then tests this framework empirically. Results provideExpand
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Innovative productivity and returns to scale in the pharmaceutical industry
This study shows that firms in the pharmaceutical industry experience decreasing returns to scale in R & D as the level of R & D expenditures rises. The paper presents the results of our study of theExpand
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Probabilistic dominance criteria for comparing uncertain alternatives: A tutorial
This paper is a tutorial which demonstrates the current state-of-the-art methods for incorporating risk into project selection decision making. Expand
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Institutional ownership and control: implications for long-term corporate strategy
Executive Overview Institutional owners are taking a more active role in strategic decision-making in American corporations. In this article, the research that has been done in this area isExpand
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