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Geopolitics of the World System
Chapter 1 1 Introduction Chapter 2 2 Survey of Geopolitics Chapter 3 3 Geopolitical Structure and Theory Chapter 4 4 The Cold War and Geopolitical Restructuring Chapter 5 5 North and Middle AmericaExpand
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Geopolitics: The Geography of International Relations
Chapter 1: Overview Chapter 2: Survey of Geopolitics Chapter 3: Geopolitical Structure and Theory Chapter 4: The Cold War and Its Aftermath Chapter 5: North and Middle America Chapter 6: SouthExpand
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Place-Names in Israel's Ideological Struggle over the Administered Territories
Abstract This paper deals with the symbolic role of place-names as expressions of ideological values. Names are symbolic elements of landscape that reflect abstract or concrete national and localExpand
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The Columbia gazetteer of the world
With over 170,000 entries, the Columbia Gazetteer of the World is an authoritative A to Z encyclopedia of geographical places and features. Whether you're looking for the ten highest mountain peaksExpand
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PANLAR consensus statement on biosimilars
IntroductionBiologics have improved the treatment of rheumatic diseases, resulting in better outcomes. However, their high cost limits access for many patients in both North America and LatinExpand
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Centers for Ending: The Coming Crisis in the Care of Aged People
Series Foreword by Rosalynn Carter.- Foreword by Saul B. Cohen.- Themes of the Book.- Becoming a Resident in a Total Care Facility.- Residents as Immigrants.- Some Aspects of OrganizationalExpand
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Jewish Geopolitics: Nationalism and the Ties between the State and the Land
Professor Yosseph Shilhav's article in this issue of National Identities entitled ‘Jewish Territoriality between Land and State’ is an important addition to the literature on territoriality andExpand
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Geography--Public Awareness and the Public Arena.
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Policy Prescriptions for the Post Cold War World
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