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Phycourobilin in Trichromatic Phycocyanin from Oceanic Cyanobacteria Is Formed Post-translationally by a Phycoerythrobilin Lyase-Isomerase*
Most cyanobacteria harvest light with large antenna complexes called phycobilisomes. The diversity of their constituting phycobiliproteins contributes to optimize the photosynthetic capacity of theseExpand
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(Val‐)Ganciclovir prophylaxis reduces Epstein‐Barr virus primary infection in pediatric renal transplantation
Epstein‐Barr virus (EBV) primary infection constitutes a serious risk for pediatric transplant recipients, particularly as regards the development of EBV‐related post‐transplant lymphoproliferativeExpand
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Significant Differences Between Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis Regarding the Impact of Body Mass Index and Initial Disease Activity on Responsiveness to Azathioprine: Results from a European
In a survey comprising 1,176 patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) we recently showed that azathioprine (AZA) beyond 4 years is beneficial in ulcerative colitis (UC) patients and in a subsetExpand
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Wie sicher ist die Sedierung in der gastrointestinalen Endoskopie? Eine multizentrische Auswertung von 388 404 Endoskopien und Auswertung der Daten aus prospektiv geführten Komplikationsregistern von
Hintergrund: Gastrointestinale Endoskopien werden in zunehmendem Umfang in Sedierung durchgefuhrt. Alle hierzu verwendeten Medikamente bergen ein gewisses Komplikationsrisiko. Die derzeit verfugbarenExpand
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Colectomy Rates in Ulcerative Colitis are Low and Decreasing: 10-year Follow-up Data From the Swiss IBD Cohort Study
Objectives Previous population-based studies in patients with ulcerative colitis [UC] revealed variable colectomy rates and colectomy-associated risk factors. Over the past two decades, a decrease inExpand
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Sex-specific effects of TLR9 promoter variants on spontaneous clearance of HCV infection
Objective As pathogen sensors, Toll-like receptors (TLR) play a role in the first defence line during HCV infection. However, the impact of the DNA sensor TLR9 on the natural course of HCV infectionExpand
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Noninvasive characterization of graft steatosis after liver transplantation
Abstract Objective. Liver graft steatosis has not been noninvasively evaluated yet. We therefore characterized liver transplant recipients by transient elastography (TE) and controlled attenuationExpand
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Ventilating horses: moving away from old paradigms.
All veterinarians who administer general anaesthesia to horses are regularly confronted with severely impaired gas exchange if not hypoxaemia in their patients. This is of particular concern givenExpand
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Impact of cohort size and host factors on combined analysis of interleukin 28B rs12979860 and rs8099917 in hepatitis C virus infection
We read with interest the article by Fischer et al. evaluating the combined genotyping of interleukin (IL)28 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) rs12979860 and rs8099917, on pegylatedinterferonExpand
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