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Lost in Europeanisation: The Western Balkans and Turkey
The article analyses the EU's impact on the rule of law in the Western Balkans and Turkey. It enquires into the reasons behind the patchy record of rule-of-law reforms in Turkey, Croatia and AlbaniaExpand
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Encounters with Europe in an Era of Domestic and International Turmoil: Is Turkey a De-Europeanising Candidate Country?
Abstract This article provides a novel conceptual framework to understand the impact of the European Union on Turkish politics and policies in the aftermath of the opening of accession negotiationsExpand
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De-Europeanisation through Discourse: A Critical Discourse Analysis of AKP’s Election Speeches
Abstract This article takes issue with the question of whether Turkey has been turning away from Europe in recent years, by adopting a critical constructivist lens to understand how, rather than why,Expand
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Global Turkey in Europe: political, economic, and foreign policy dimensions of Turkey's evolving relationship with the EU
The EU is changing, Turkey too, and - above all - there is systemic change and crisis all round, ranging from economics, the spread of democratic norms and foreign policy. This research paperExpand
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No Crisis, No Change: The Third AKP Victory in the June 2011 Parliamentary Elections in Turkey
Amidst debates over a new constitution and increasing tensions over the Kurdish issue, the June 2011 parliamentary elections were considered crucial for the fate of democratic consolidation inExpand
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Critical discourse analysis in analysing European Union foreign policy: Prospects and challenges
This article discusses the potential of Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) for the study of EU foreign policy and argues that CDA can provide a systematic way of studying discourses on EU foreignExpand
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When elites polarize over polarization: Framing the polarization debate in Turkey – RETRACTED
Abstract This article aims to explore the views of the Turkish elite on the state of polarization in Turkey. By identifying four political frames—namely, harmony, continuity/decline, conspiracy, andExpand
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Constructions of European Identity: Debates and Discourses on Turkey and the EU
Acknowledgements Introduction Europe as a Security Community Europe as an Upholder of Democratic Values Europe as a Political Project Europe as a Cultural Space Conclusion Appendix Notes BibliographyExpand
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Legitimizing Europe in Contested Settings: Europe as a Normative Power in Turkey?*
This article aims to explore whether – and if so, how – the EU is perceived as a normative power (NPE) in Turkey in the context of deteriorating Turkey–EU relations. By adopting the HabermasianExpand
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