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Antinuclear Radicals: Scientific Experts and Antinuclear Activism in Japan
This article examines the role of scientific experts in the post-war Japanese antinuclear power movement. It argues that experts and their movements have influenced the development of nuclear powerExpand
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Facilitating Spontaneity: The State and Independent Volunteering in Contemporary Japan
This paper traces state policies for independent volunteerism in Japan from 1945 onward. It shows how official involvement resulted in extensive institutionalization of independent volunteers andExpand
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Japanese debates on Asia and Asianism: a conceptual framework
This article analyzes discussions about Asia in Japan since the mid-1980s, offering a conceptual framework for understanding the contours of this debate. The article identifies three normativeExpand
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What is Asia for Us and Can We Be Asians? The New Asianism in Contemporary Japan*
  • S. Avenell
  • Political Science
  • Modern Asian Studies
  • 24 March 2014
Abstract This paper traces the development of the ‘New Asianism’ in Japan over the past quarter of a century. It identifies three broad trajectories or normative positions in the debate: thoseExpand
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Vesico-ureteric reflux in adults with neuropathic bladders treated with Polydimethylsiloxane (Macroplastique®)
Objective: To establish the efficacy of Macroplastique® in treating vesico-ureteric reflux (VUR) in adults with neuropathic bladder dysfunction.Patients and methods: Fifteen patients (12 male andExpand
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Japan's Long Environmental Sixties and the Birth of a Green Leviathan
Is the ‘1960s' a useful concept for understanding postwar Japanese history and, if so, what kinds of changes resulted and how might we chronologize the period? This article proposes the idea of aExpand
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Acute and chronic use of a sacral posterior and anterior nerve root stimulator to increase bladder capacity in spinal cord injury
Neuromodulation by stimulation of pudendal afferents has been shown to increase bladder capacity in spinal cord injury. It may be an alternative to the posterior rhizotomy of the sensory roots fromExpand
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From Fearsome Pollution to Fukushima: Environmental Activism and the Nuclear Blind Spot in Contemporary Japan
On September 19, 2011, sixty thousand people gathered in Tokyo to protest against nuclear power and radiation pollution after reactor meltdowns at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. TheirExpand
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