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Interest Rate and Inflation in Monetary Models with Exogenous Money Growth Rule
This paper assesses the joint behavior of the nominal interest rate and the expected inflation in flexible and sticky prices monetary models with exogenous money growth rule and technology shock. We
Eligibility, experience rating, and unemployment insurance take‐up
In this paper, we investigate the causes and consequences of “unclaimed” unemployment insurance (UI) benefits. A search model is developed where the costs to collecting UI benefits include both a
Do Changes in Product Variety Matter for Business Cycles and Monetary Policy in Open Economies
Firms constantly seek to develop and commercialize new goods to satisfy consumer needs. This process of creation and destruction of product varieties has important implications for competition in
Taking off into the Wind: Unemployment Risk and State-Dependent Government Spending Multipliers
We propose a model with involuntary unemployment, incomplete markets, and nominal rigidity, in which the effects of government spending are state-dependent. An increase in government purchases raises