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Hybrid photonic crystal fiber in chemical sensing
BackgroundIn this article, a hybrid photonic crystal fiber has been proposed for chemical sensing. A FEM has been applied for numerical investigation of some propagation characteristics of the PCF atExpand
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Design and optimization of photonic crystal fiber for liquid sensing applications
This paper proposes a hexagonal photonic crystal fiber (H-PCF) structure with high relative sensitivity for liquid sensing; in which both core and cladding are microstructures. NumericalExpand
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Ultrahigh birefringence, ultralow material loss porous core single-mode fiber for terahertz wave guidance.
In this paper, a novel polarization-maintaining single-mode photonic crystal fiber (PCF) has been suggested for terahertz (THz) transmission applications. The reported PCF has five layers ofExpand
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Association Assessment among Risk Factors and Breast Cancer in a Low Income Country: Bangladesh.
BACKGROUND In the low incoming country Bangladesh, breast cancer is second most common neoplasm and is increasing at an alarming rate among females. Lack of awareness and illiteracy are contributoryExpand
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Improved Quality of Service in ZigBee network with statistical modeling
Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) comprises the less power consuming, light weight and effective Sensor Nodes (SNs) for higher network performance. ZigBee is the real time application for the WSN usedExpand
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Folded cladding porous shaped photonic crystal fiber with high sensitivity in optical sensing applications: Design and analysis
Abstract A micro structure folded cladding porous shaped with circular air hole photonic crystal fiber (FP-PCF) is proposed and numerically investigated in a broader wavelength range from 1.4 µm toExpand
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Alcohol sensing over O+E+S+C+L+U transmission band based on porous cored octagonal photonic crystal fiber
A micro structure porous cored octagonal photonic crystal fiber (P-OPCF) has been proposed to sense aqueous analysts (alcohol series) over a wavelength range of 0.80 μm to 2.0 μm. By implementing aExpand
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Proposed Square Lattice Photonic Crystal Fiber for Extremely High Nonlinearity, Birefringence and Ultra-High Negative Dispersion Compensation
Abstract A photonic crystal fiber in square lattice architecture is numerically investigated and proposed for broadband dispersion compensation in optical transmission system. Simulation resultsExpand
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Design of a single-mode photonic crystal fibre with ultra-low material loss and large effective mode area in THz regime
A novel low-loss photonic crystal fibre (PCF) has been suggested for THz spectral applications. The proposed PCF contains five layers cladding with three layers core. The cladding and core region ofExpand
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Design of a porous cored hexagonal photonic crystal fiber based optical sensor with high relative sensitivity for lower operating wavelength
In this article, highly sensitive and low confinement loss enriching micro structured photonic crystal fiber (PCF) has been suggested as an optical sensor. The proposed PCF is porous cored hexagonalExpand
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