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[Effect of phenobarbital and benzonal on succinate and alpha-ketoglutarate oxidation by rat brain mitochondria].
: Phenobarbital and Benzonal in anticonvulsive doses depress energy production by brain mitochondria of rats, with phenobarbital inhibiting NAD-dependent respiration and Benzonal oxidation ofExpand
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Effects of papaverine, chloracyzine, and bencyclane on local blood flow and oxygen tension in cat brain.
In experiments on 100 cats with multichannel recording, the effects of three vasodilators - papaverine, chloracyzine, and bencyclane (Halidor) - on the volume velocity of the blood flow (byExpand
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[The effect of lithium chloride on the desynchronization of "reserpine-induced depression"].
: Lithium chloride (5 mg/kg i.m. for 10 days in the morning but not in the evening) prevented effectively desynchronization of "reserpine depression" in mice and rats: the spectra and structure ofExpand
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[The antitoxic function of the liver in D-galactosamine poisoning].
Two intragastric administrations of 500 mg/kg of D-galactosamine reduce the RNA and the cytochrome P-45, and b5 content in the hepatic microsomes of rats; inhibit the activity ofExpand
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Role of lipid peroxidation in the mechanism of proliferation of hepatic fibrous tissue in experimental chronic hepatitis
: In chronic hepatitis induced by long-term CCl4 administration to rats, there was largely an increase in the formation of malonic dialdehyde and Schiff bases, an elevation of glycosaminoglycans andExpand
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